EVE Online: an Art on MOMA's Applied Design Exhibit

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On March the 1st 2013, although we heard the news months ago, EVE Online with the other 13 video games is chosen to be featured in an Applied Design exhibit at the Museums of Modern Art in New York City, which is expected to initiate in March,2013. Just month ago, video Games was blamed for its negative effect on the behavior of teenage and is one of the most important factors causing the violence tragic in reality. And Present Obama issued an order to research the link between violence in game and reality. However, video game can also enhance our cognitive capability and make us dexterous.

This determination made video games not just interesting anthropological artifacts but also a form of art. "We couldn't imagine telling the story of the EVE Universe without putting our players and their actions front and center," said Torfi Frans Olafsson, Creative Director, EVE IP Development Division. "The exhibition was such an inspiring project to work on. Seeing our universe under the same roof as so many other legendary works we love makes that collaboration an even more meaningful honor."

CCP Games created a "day in the universe" visual experience for its part in the exhibit that offers a journey in the EVE Universe through the everyday actions of some of the more than 500,000 inhabitants from 230 countries around the world. This was created using submissions of personal gameplay recordings from EVE players. All of those submissions were then combined with 1.2 terabytes of data from EVE's server databases and Big Data storage into a larger narrative representing the sci-fi game and player interactions within it.

Applied Design installation opened to the public on March the 1st, 2013 and will run through January 31st, 2014. It showcases a collection of video games selected by a panel of industry experts, amongst other media and artwork.

The 14 Video Games Chosen by MOMA:

1. Pac-Man (1980)


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