Elder Scrolls Online First Beta Invites Going Out This Month

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Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online finally gave more details regarding of beta and beta invitation. The developer said they had concluded a small friends-and-family test on February 28th and they were ready to send out the first round of public beta invites this month. The passionate fans had a lot of questions about the beta test, and the developer gave the answers.

When will the beta start?

The developer hasn't decided the date for the first beta event but the beta invites will be sent out around the end of March. Whenever the invites go out, the developer will post notifications on the game's official site as well as social media channels. If you want to join, you can head to the sign-up page to enlist yourself for the beta.

Elder Scrolls Online

Beta events

The game will use weekends to hold the beta events at first, and each event will have clear focus. The beta will also start with smaller group of focused testers during March and April and will expand the pool gradually. Players can expect more frequent and longer testing events as the game approach launch.

How to choose testers?

Testers will be chosen based on different criteria depending on the game's needs for each beta event. You should complete the registration form carefully because the information you provide may help the developer decide whether to choose you.

For instance, we may invite players who indicated a preference for a certain type of content (PvE, PvP, crafting) or who reside in a certain territory for particular events, and for others, computer specs may play an important role. We’re not only looking for one type of tester or only for testers with top-of-the-line PCs; a broad range will be selected.

You can read the full beta Q&A here.


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