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Funcom Establishes Mobile and Tablet Development Team

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About a month ago, Funcom shut down its Beijing studio. And about 4 days ago, creative director Bylos stepped up to lead Funcom's centralized team. These changes are all in response to the company's organizational restructuring process. Today, to further their restruction, Funcom announced that the mobile and tablet development team has been established at Montreal studio.

The team will focus on building high-quality games and technology for mobile and tablet platforms. Currently, there are two new mobile and tablet games based on the popular LEGO brand under development.

The new branch strategy is part of Funcom's overall company-wide strategy of building smaller, high quality games, and it is Funcom's ambition for the Montreal studio to grow and become a key player in the emerging mobile and tablet gaming space.

"Being able to kick off with such an amazing brand represents an incredibly solid start to our Montreal studio’s new future," says Funcom CEO Ole Schreiner. 

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