Year Walk: A Simple but Bizarre Adventure Puzzle Game

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Year Walk

As a small developer Simogo is, the products of Simogo are incredibly good. Such as Bumpy Road, Beat Sneak Bandit etc, they are games from Simogo. Recently, they released another simple but bizarre adventure puzzle game -- Year Walk.

Year Walk

The game is beginning with black and white, and the blurred vision makes the night and day undistinguishable, just like the birth of the universe. There is no hint or manual for beginner, from the origin, the players are circled by some kind of aimless, helpless atmosphere. Even if you happen to meet an NPC, the silent communication and the occasionally shivered screen and snow effect make you feel more unease and nervous.

Year Walk

This game is considered to be a following-the-rule-closely decryption game. The fixed pattern of addressing the puzzle is obeying a logic deduction of seeking a clue first, then finding them, relating this clue to others and finally cracking the secret. During the period of playing, there are a series of questions, for example, unlocking question, digital questions, gather questions, memory questions, and even music questions. To novice gamer of puzzle games, it is a little difficult for them to deal with the questions in game, especially for the questions related to special culture, but for the veterans, this is nothing. The most significant features in this game are its particularities for the mobile device, the developer, considering the characteristic of mobile phone, takes some special measurement in operating, such as the way of advancing, the exploring method, the designing and the solving of conundrum ; and in the way of controlling, developers design special ‘click’, ‘drag’, ‘rotate’, to ‘multi-touch’, ‘gravity sensor’. You can carefully experience them during the process of gaming if you want.

Year Walk

Year Walk

Besides the delicate image, the special effect, the unconventional plot and the innovative operation method, the ‘epilogue’ of this game is also leaving the player a big ‘Easter Egg’--a piece of old and yellow newspaper where lays the consequence of this game silently.

If you want to challenge a high level puzzle game, why not try the Year Walk.


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