Recommended MMOs 2P in February 2013

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Recommended MMOs 2P (means to play) is a monthly column article aims to recommend you the latest and high quality MMOs that you may like to give a shot. This article mainly focuses on MMOs running on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, however, good MMOs that run on portable devices will also be covered. Another reason why you should check out Recommended MMOs 2P is that we will spread some beta keys and invitations here.

TERA: Rising

Blue Studio's Unreal 3 Engine action game TERA relaunched as TERA: Rising and removed the subscription fee early this month. Now both NA and EU MMO gamers can battle gigantic boss monsters, explore mysterious dungeons, fight other players in pvp arena and get their hands on other contents for free.

Combat is still the most outstanding part in the F2P version of TERA. Free-aiming, ground-breaking skills, dodge, timing and the combination of different skills will try to keep you concentrated and immersed. In addition to action, the Big-Ass Monsters, alluring characters and shiny landscape make the world of TERA distinctive.


Grind is a problem for all MMOs, and TERA, as many other MMORPGs do, has tons of hunting quests. However, if you don't mind grinding and repetitive quest, this game is still a good choice for you. Overall, TERA has the quality, and it's free-to-play without content restriction. The game is rejuvenated in Korea after turning to F2P and it should be able to do the same thing in the west. NA players can learn more about the F2P model here and EU players can check out here for more details.


DUST 514 (Open Beta)

DUST 514 (PS3) may not be very innovative as an FPS, but it becomes amazing when it connects with CCP Games' another MMO EVE Online and gets EVE's economy system. Never forget that DUST 514 isn't just a shooter, and it has the cool customization and progression features that a good RPG should have.

For the first time, MMO gamers of two different platforms (PC and PS3) can play in the same universe literally and influence each other's experience. You (in DUST 514) can chat with EVE players, you use the currency that EVE players use, and more excitingly (or terribly), you would be beneficial from (or killed by) EVE players' orbit strike. We'll see how CCP is going to enhance the DUST514-EVE interaction.

DUST 514

Put the DUST514-EVE connection aside, DUST 514 is a game that worth a try. It's not just an FPS because there is a huge skill system, and in fact, it's very EVE Online, from the visual design to the learning curve. However, DUST 514's saga just starts and it's not as complex and mature as EVE Online. If you have a PS3, and if you don't worry about learning curve, congratulations, you can immerse in the game.

DUST 514


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