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Elder Scrolls Chatting

In the Elder Scrolls Online latest "Ask Us Anything", the community manager replied a multitude of questions on the role playing in ESO, including some lore, combat and some general gameplay features.

To my point of view, the most excited feature mentioned is that ESO will be fully voice acted. Lore, quests, chatting, every word you may READ in other MMOs, now you can HEAR them in Elder Scrolls Online. The tedious reading experience has gone forever. However, it is nearly impossible to voice the whole history in this continent, so the dev determine to record the long documents in the in-game books. Players, those are found of discovering more secrets, can enjoy the reading as well.

It is the freedom in role playing that makes Skyrim successful. It is totally fascinating when it comes to build a unique character in this vast digital world. Everyone is talking about building a hybrid, rather than a strictly healing or DPS role in game. Malik Brown asked that he wanted to be a pure healer and the dev answered:

As the game has evolved, we've really downplayed classes quite a bit in the design, and we've really played up the skill lines and the choices you make. For instance, if you wanted to focus entirely on healing at first, you might choose Templar and the Restoration staff lines. Later, if you decided not to be a healer all the time, you could work on other lines.

By choosing your weapon, passives, and buffs and filling your five active ability slots, you'll really decide how you want to approach any given situation. The more you play, the broader your choices will be.

Elder Scrolls Character

Therefore, don't worry about it and the way to develop your character is depending on yourself. To be a tank, for example, it is reasonable to equip heavy armors with shield in your hand. In ESO, you have some creative ways to be a tank, like increasing your HP with light armors to enhance your movement speed, so you can stand long in the frontline. You can switch your weapons swiftly. The dev bring all Elder Scrolls series feel into this online version.

You can put one handed weapons in both hands and dual wield. You can put a shield and a one handed sword in each hand and sword / board. Or you can use a two handed weapon or staff. Additional abilities (these aren't always spells) can be fired from the ability bar. And yes, you can have different weapon loadouts and switch between them.

Still, it is helpful to check the list below about something you should know about ESO from this week's Ask Us Anything.

1. It is a breeze to sort your inventory with build-in sorting features.
2. The Khajiiti symbol depicts the Two Moons and the Cat-folks' claws, while the Bosmeri symbol does in fact represent the Green Pact.
3. Falmer (snow elf) will back in ESO
4. In the background settings of ESO, remnants of the Akaviri Dragonguard who protected the Emperors are still around, but they have not yet re-formed into the secretive Blades of later eras.
5. Imperial Eight Divines influences vary from culture to culture in different areas.

Enjoy the latest cut of Elder Scrolls Lore Series from ShoddyCast.

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