Black Desert English Version to Come in 2014

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Black Desert English Version

PearlAbyss answered some details of Black Desert and their timetable in an interview of Blackdesertspoint, confirming the English version of Black Desert will enter Europe in 2014 or 2015. No any plan in NA market was reported so far.

In this interview, PearlAbyss talked about more details on the end-game contents and some feature systems in Black Desert. Though there is no literally level cap in Black Desert, level 50 will be the de facto level cap and during this period, leveling will be tough. For players who reach level 50, Black Desert offers a wide range of feature systems to enjoy the game, including housing, exploration, castle siege, crafting, trade, intimacy system and guild activities. By the way, PearlAbyss implied in Facebook that a guild vs guild feature is under development.

A brand-new feature in Black Desert is the unique NPC-relationship system. The mechanic was explained in the interview:

When users first visit any unknown town they must network among the NPCs there. Frequent dialogue with them enables users to obtain "intimacy points", with which they can secure special entry rights to dungeons, rare items or additional EXP. Like the real world, there are a variety of relationships to be had among NPCs. For example, some NPCs may become close friends, while others may become hostile enemies. Accordingly, users must make strategic choices when approaching NPCs.

As for the new characters, Valkyrie, Wizard and Blader, PearlAbyss will share all the settings on them at a later time. Read more about this promising sandbox MMO in Blackdesertspoint. You can also join our Facebook community to get the updates about this game.

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