Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter Is One of the Best Mobile MMOs of 2017





Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunt is going to be the third instalment in the series of games launched by Snail Games.  Perhaps one of the most anticipated mobile MMOs of 2017, the game comes loaded with a lot of features. Featuring an all new graphic engine to excellent gameplay and characters, Taichi Panda has got it all. Let’s quickly have a look at all the features that are there in this game.

One of the reasons for this game to scale to such heights of excellence is the brilliant graphics that are behind it. Compared to the previous two version of Taichi Panda, the third instalment has definitely seen a major upgrade with respect to the graphics. And the reason behind this? Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunt is using an all new Flexi Engine which powers the beautiful graphics in this game.  The Flexi Engine is definitely one which is going to be one which is going to give competitors like Unreal Engine 4 a real run for their money.

The game features an open world environment which has been beautifully designed. Lush green environment with buildings that blend in to suit the region where the game is based on. Well worked monsters that are ferocious looking during combat and an excellent angle of view at all times during the game are some things which make it special. The game also comes with an option to switch from 2.5D view to a 3D view at any point of time.

The characters are a crucial factor in this game. Players a given a lot of flexibility in designing the characters the way you want them and these changes that you make are very well significant while playing the game. The attention that has been given to these details are quite remarkable indeed. The perfect swing of a character knife is also very well captured by the flexi engine and portrayed onto the players screen. Although there are times when certain glitches happen during combat. An instance of this would be the non-responsive behaviour of a monster or a player while engaged in combat even though they are continuously receiving damage from the player’s weapons.

The game has a whole lot of features which needs to be explored and gotten used to in order to effectively play the game and enjoy it. In fact, the tutorial plays a very important role in this game as without it there are several things that you could miss out on. Now, for a change, Taichi Panda 3 assumes that you know the basics of gaming; so it really doesn’t take you through the basics such as movements or even how to attack etc. It however does ensure that you grasp a fair idea of how the game should be played. Thus, it takes you briefly through important aspects of the game such as hunting and taming mounts, upgrading your armour, collecting and utilizing skill points, controls during aerial combats etc.
The tutorial doesn’t given you any tips or tricks in order to win a combat but teaches you only those things which you absolutely need to know in order to move further in the game.


The controls featured in Taichi Panda 3 are perhaps one of the best that you can ever come across. It is standard, but it’s got a lot more features included in it. Now the position of the keys remain the same across the screen as it does in most mobile games. You have a fixed joystick on the left hand side of your screen which is quite smooth in its function. Towards the right hand side of your screen are the attacking options. The primary attack button being placed towards the right with a collection of the special attack keys surrounding it.  A new feature which has been introduced in the game is a designated jump button which has been placed right below the primary attack key. This allows players to jump across easily without any issues.

The controls shift significantly when you are on a mount. Though the attacking elements remains the same, your movement controls differ as per the mount. For aerial mounts the controls are significantly different from those on land. The tutorial plays an important role in helping the players understand this.

Taichi Panda 3: Monster Hunt features a total of eight characters to choose from. There are two kingdoms from which you can choose the character. Each kingdom houses four characters each of every type. One character will be equipped for a better defensive stance while offering a light attack option. A mage and an archer is also available for long range combat in the game. The swordsman on the other hand offers a very strong attack but lags and falls behind when it comes to defensive options.
The game therefore, clearly tries to balance out the different types of playable classes by giving them both strengths and weaknesses.

Character customization is very easy and smooth in the game. Whichever character you choose you have the option to customize it at the very beginning i.e. before you actually start playing the game. The game offers you choices such as adding scar marks to the face, changing the hair and hair colour and also choosing an armour of your own choice. This armour, however can later be upgraded during the course of the game.

The audio and background music present in the game is one which is sure to raise the level of your interest in it. The background music plays at a neat pace when the players are just exploring the open world that is featured in the game. It switches into a more exhilarating tune when you battle bosses etc.
The sound effects that have been included for the mounts and characters are also quite interesting.


  • Four playable Classes from two Kingdoms
  • Aerial Combats
  • 3, 5 and 10 PvE mode.
  • 10v10 battlegrounds
  • Enhanced Graphics
Specification Android
Version Android 4.3 and above (5.0 recommended)
RAM 3 GB Minimum (4 GB for smooth gameplay)
Storage 700 MB
Taichi Panda 3 is an exceptionally brilliant game which has to be played and experienced. After careful evaluation of all the features, the game can be given a strong rating of 7.9 /10. (NOTE: The overall rating of the game is the aggregate of the individual rating of the various features mentioned above)
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