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League of Legends Themed Lantern Festival in Taipei

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In 2013 Taipei Lantern Festival, there was an area showcasing League of Legends themed Lanterns. Visitors who participate in this festival will meet all kinds of NPC shaped lanterns from LoL.

The lighting Ceremony was held in the evening on 20th, Feburary. Mr.Huang from Taipei City Government; Representatives Nika Harper (Nikasaur) and David Turley (Phreak), from the game’s developer Riot; Retty, the Entertainment Executive of LoL’s Taiwan agent Garena; Two competitive LoL teams Taipei Assasins, Taipei Snipers and 200 players took part in the ceremony.

Besides, Retty announced at the event that the first Professional League of Legends tournament will start on March!

The LoL lantern district was prepared from last Oct.

The first Picture is the main lantern--Teemo, which is 7 meters high. Below is the other side of the Teemo Lantern: a very cute lantern

The Lantern in Daytime: not as cute as it is in the night :(

Warwick the Blood Hunter:

The day view: 

Katarina the Sinister Blade

Katarina in daytime:

Narsuc the Curator of the Sand and Minions:

These Lanterns' day view:


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