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WoW 5.2 Throne of Thunder Dungeon Journal Primordius Guide

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Throne of Thunder, WoW 5.2, Primordius

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Primordial Strike:
Primordius claws at his current target, inflicting 700000 Physical damage to all players in a 7-yard cone.
Malformed Blood:
The heavily-mutated blood within Primordius spreads to his current target, inflicting 10000 Nature damage every 3 sec and causing the afflicted player's attacks to Congeal Blood, inflicting 20000 additional Nature damage to Living Fluids and Viscous Horrors. This effect lasts 1 min and stacks.
Mutated Abomination:
Primordius is heavily mutated and resists attacks from non-mutated creatures. Damage taken from non-Fully Mutated players is reduced by 50%.
When Primordius is mutated by enough Living Fluids, Mutagenic Pools, and his natural mutation rate, he evolves. Evolution increases all damage dealt by Primordius by 10% and grants him a new mutation. This effect stacks. Primordius can only have 3 mutations at any time.
In Heroic Difficulty, Primordius can have 4 mutations.
Ventral Sacs:
Sacs located around Primordius's frill periodically erupt, inflicting 30000 Nature damage to all players every 1 sec.
Gas Bladder:
A volatile mutation that allows Primordius to spray Caustic Gas, inflicting 1600000 Nature damage split evenly between all players within a 30-yard radius.
Acidic Spines:
Primordius fires Acidic Spines at players every 3 sec, inflicting 150000 Nature damage to all players within 5 yards of the targets.
Pathogen Glands:
Allows Primordius to spray a Volatile Pathogen at a player, inflicting 60000 Nature damage every 1 sec. for 10 sec.
Metabolic Boost:
A hyperactive metabolism allows Primordius to use abilities more often and increases attack speed by 50%.
Erupting Pustules:
Pustules erupt every 5 sec, showering the area with corrosive blood that inflicts 277500 to 322500 Nature damage within 2.5 yards of the impact.


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