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WoW 5.2 Throne of Thunder Raid Durumu the Forgotten Guide

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Throne of Thunder Raid,Durumu the Forgotten ,WoW 5.2

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Hard Stare:
Durumu focuses his gaze on his current target and inflicts 135 to 165% weapon damage as Physical damage on them. Victims of this attack suffer a Serious Wound and an Arterial Cut.
Serious Wound:
Victims of Serious Wound receive 10% less healing per application.
Arterial Cut:
Victims of Arterial Cut suffer 60000 Physical damage every second until they are restored to full health.

If Durumu has no valid melee targets he instead Gazes at all players, inflicting 50% weapon damage as Physical damage.
Disintegration Beam:
Durumu will focus his gaze into a beam of pure destruction directly in front of him. Players who are caught in the beam are killed instantly. While focusing this beam Durumu will slowly turn in either direction and his Cross-Eye will create a maze of Eye Sores across the platform.
Durumu's Cross-Eye creates a maze of Eye Sores across the platform whenever he channels his Disintegration Beam.
Eye Sore:
Eye Sores inflict 160000 Arcane damage to victims within their area of effect every second.
Stern Eye:
Stern Eyes are created as part of the Cross-Eye's maze pattern around the circumference of Durumu's platform. Stern Eyes gaze directly back at Durumu and will focus on players inside the inverted thirty-degree cone area in front of them. The cone is widest at the edge of the platform and tapers off to a point at Durumu's location in the center of the platform.The closest players inside this area will be victim to Stern Gaze.
Stern Gaze:
Stern Eyes inflict Arcane damage to the closest 5 players based on how far they are from the Stern Eye.
Stern Gaze:
Stern Eyes inflict Arcane damage to the closest 2 players based on how far they are from the Stern Eye.
Mind Daggers:
Any currently active eyes other than the Cross-Eye will inflict 40800 to 55200 Arcane damage to random players in the raid.
In 10-Player difficulties 1 player is chosen at random.
In 25-Player difficulties 3 players are chosen at random.


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