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5 Phases to Master Clash of Clans (Defense)

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I've played Clash of Clans for a month and now I’m at level 33 (Town Hall level 6). I'd like to share some of my tips with you guys. Hope that I can help some players who are new to the game.

 First of all, I'd like to talk about defense. In my opinion, the most important part of Clash and Clans is defense because attacking an opponent who is at the same level and have the same number of trophies with you is much easier. So as a newbie, you should take your time to level up your Town Hall as quickly as possible. 

There are 5 phases for a newbie:

Phase One: Town Hall Level 2-3

You can make full use of the default shield protecting time to upgrade to level 2 or 3.

Points to Note:

1. Do not USE Gem!

2. Do not remove too many trees and rock. And do not waste your gold on upgrading things like wall, clan castle and equipment in this period. You should take full advantage of shield protecting time to upgrade elixir collector and gold mine.

3. You can play the single player quest to obtain some elixir and gold.

Phase Two: Town Hall Level 3-4

You don’t have to worry if the protecting time is up because in this phase, nobody will raid you for you have 0 trophy! Even if there were someone who came to raid, they are at the same level with you. It’s impossible for them to completely destroy your base.

Points to Note:

Do not USE Gem!

2. Try not to attack others for trophies. It’s kind of a dangerous action when you are at a relatively low level.

3. Make upgrading and protecting the gold mine your first priority!

Phase Three: Town Hall Level 4

In this phase, you can start attack others to get resources. And you also have to have some ideas about defense layout.

Points to Note:

Do not USE Gem!

2. Do not pay too much attention to gathering trophies.

3. Use walls to protect each gold storage, gold mine, and canoes. Make them like a grid. Like this:

Phase Four: Town Hall Level 5

This is a critical period. You will need 800,000 gold to level up from 5 to 6. Besides, the defense ability of Level 5 Town Hall is weak. Whether you can upgrade to level 6 is the main difficulty in this phase. And at the same time, you should have enough gems to buy the third builder’s hut if you didn’t use any gem at the beginning stage.

Points to Note:

1. Do not USE Gem until you’ve bought the 3rd builder’s hut. Usually at this point, you’ll find that the value of Gem is quite high, so you’d better keep them as you did before.

2. The best method to collect 750,000 gold is to build wall breakers and goblins as your troops to attack others. During this period you will find many opponents who are with about 600 trophies have many gold but are weak at defending. You should raid them! After raiding them you can get at least 50000 gold each time. Basically you will need 10 minutes or so to make your army capacity full. So you’d better use 1 to 2 hours to raid those opponents repeatedly until you gather enough gold to update your Town Hall to level 6.


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