ArcheAge NA Beta is Imminent with Launch of Official Site

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ArcheAge Beta

The beta of ArcheAge is coming.

A month ago, it was delighted to witness ArcheAge join hands with Trion to publish this promising sandbox MMO in western market. All manias were looking forward to gaining the latest information about when the beta schedule.

A month on, understatedly, Trion officially launch ArcheAge registration site this weekend. To receive the latest updates about it, go to the ArcheAge Official Website and submit your email.

ArcheAge Beta

Though they didn't mention any beta schedule after registering, we can predict the date according to Trion previous beta pace in RIFT and Defiance. They would choose some players who submit the emails to join the beta in one or two months. The amount of the beta testers from this email pool is small. To pre-order ArcheAge will guarantee the beta qualification for purchasers. Keep in mind, it's just a speculation about the beta, but it's almost there to my point of view. I guess if you are hardcore players of RIFT and Defiance, it will enhance the chances to be picked as a tester. Be sure to submit your email on ArcheAge Official Website so you won't miss any updates about this awesome game.


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