WoW 5.2 Throne of Thunder Dungeon Journal Megaera Guide

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One Body, Many Heads:
When one of Megaera's heads is destroyed, her body takes damage equal to the head's maximum health and two heads regrow in its place.
Concealing Fog: Megaera's body and distant heads are shrouded by thick, swirling fog and are unable to be attacked directly.
Rampage: Megaera begins to Rampage whenever more than 2 of her heads are outside of the Concealing Fog, inflicting 58500 Elemental damage to all enemies every second.In addition, Megaera will Rampage for 20 seconds whenever one of her heads is cut off. The damage dealt by a particular element is increased by 25% for each additional head of that element that is present.
Hydra Frenzy: Whenever one of Megaera's heads is killed, the heads remaining outside of the Concealing Fog are healed to full and attack 20% faster. This effect stacks.
Elemental Blood of Megaera: As Megaera grows new heads of a given type, her elemental blood increases the damage inflicted by all heads of the same type by 15% for each additional head of that type. This effect stacks.


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