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MMORPG Dawn of the Dragons Is Now Out for iOS

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MMORPG Dawn of the Dragons for iOS

It is a trend that plenty of webgame publishers are now bringing their games to mobile. 5th Planet Games released its epic MMORPG Dawn of the Dragons for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

"Dawn was our very first game and the one that really kicked it all off for us, so it's only fitting that it's also our first game on mobile," said Robert Winkler, Co-founder and CEO of 5th Planet Games. "I'm really proud of the work that our whole crew did to bring the game to mobile the way that we have. This is something that our community has been clamoring for, and we are excited to let them play Dawn and, coming soon, all of our other RPG and CCG titles on their mobile devices."

"There are relatively few core games available on mobile platforms today, and certainly nothing quite like Dawn of the Dragons," said Rob Carroll, 5th Planet Games’ Chief Mobile Officer. "We feel that with Dawn’s unique social features and in-depth strategy requirements, it raises the bar for the entire genre. We put a lot of effort into maintaining the essence of the game’s online version while fine-tuning it for the smaller screens and multi-touch interfaces of mobile devices. The end result is something that should greatly please our existing fan base while attracting a whole new segment of gamers as well."

MMORPG Dawn of the Dragons for iOS

Dawn of the Dragons is a free-to-play brower-based MMORPG with unique social gameplay, lavish artwork, and gripping storyline. It launched on Facebook and other web platforms like Kongregate and Armor Games in 2010. The iOS version has the same univer and plot with the web version.

Dawn of the Dragons is free to play and now available on the App Store.


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