WoW 5.2 PTR Warlock Green Fire Quest Guide

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The "Green Fire" Quest chain will be released in 5.2. Some players have accomplished it on PTR and turn the fire to green. You can find the outlook in the end of this article. The quest chain can basically divide into two phrases. The beginning phrases. asked you to do some talking and collect missing pieces. The second phrases. is much more exciting. The whole process happens in the Black Temple You need to sneak in and overcome some traps. Also there is a time-critical mission. 

Phrase 1
To start the journal you need to find Codex of Xerrath. In PTR it is dropped from a Green Infernal near Townlong Steppes. A possibility of other way to get the Codex exists for the final version. The quest will pop on the screen when you use the Codex. It is not a difficult one, all you need to do is summoning your demons to translate the Codex. Later you’ll have a diary asked you to find 4 Soulstones which are scattering on Netherstorm, Blade's Edge Mountains, Hellfire Peninsula and Shadowmoon Valley. The Soulstones are invisible but a cold-warm-hot buff will show your distance with them, which performance a little like archaeology. To make it clearer, below is a map of the exact location of Soulstones. Then next step will lead you to the Black Temple.

Phrase 2
OK. It is time to retrospect the Black Temple. On the front gate (Not the gate of sewer) you’ll find the following symbol.

 There are two types of mobs, guards and workers, at the entrance. If the workers see you they’ll warn the guards. And the guards’ view is marked by a red circle which you need to avoid. The strategy is utilizing the workers to draw away the guards so that you can sneak in. Then you’ll meet Akama who lead you to the Essence of Order. You need to be careful about the mobs and traps on the road. The ghost is visible while the traps need Eye of Kilrogg to see.

After you beat down the boss, a time-critical mission will start that you have to get Shrine of Lost Souls within 5 minutes.
BALABALA...You are in front of the final boss Kanrethad. Most of his attacks are perfunctory while one of them did works. There is always strength in numbers. When you heard the words "If two imps are better than one imp, what's better than two imps? SIXTY IMPS.", you need to be concern because "Even the smallest demon can be valuable, in large enough numbers"
Defeat Kanrethad would be the end of this quests line and you’ll have your green fire as you wished.

If you prefer the red one after all these trouble, sing with me "Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain, telling me just what a fool I've been".


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