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ArcheAge Housing System Guide

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Housing System is a unique feature of Acheage as a sandbox game. And now it is part of the PvP feature. So players may need to pay attention to protect their house as well as building them.

Building a House
Phrase 1 Buy a Blueprint
Players can buy the Blueprints from the Architecture NPCs in every living district. The Blueprints is divided into 5 types according to the price. The house goes bigger as the blueprints cost more money. (The blueprints are tradable) Bigger houses have more function as well as bigger yard and of course, require more resource to build.

Phrase 2 Site Selection
There are special housing areas which located on continents as well as islands. Players can locate their houses only on those designated areas which are marked on maps. The areas have different sizes that some can hold up to 200 houses. The areas near towns are usually bigger than the remote ones. If you have decided the place, put a foundation by using the blueprint before you go for preparing material in case the place being taken by other players.


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