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Stages of Life:
Ji-Kun's young are located throughout the roost and progress through different stages of life:- Young Egg of Ji-Kun - Hatchling - Fledgling- Ji-Kun Fledgeling's Egg - Juvenile- Mature Egg of Ji-Kun - Juvenile
Young Egg of Ji-Kun: Eggs in the nests located around Ji-Kun's roost will periodically hatch. The hatching process takes 20 sec from the time the egg is incubated. Once the egg hatches, a hatchling will emerge.
•Hatchlings: Hatchlings will call for Ji-Kun to feed them shortly after spawning. If a hatchling senses food nearby they will attempt to feed. If a hatchling successfully feeds it will mature into a Fledgling.
•Cheep: The hatchling yells with all their might at their current target, inflicting 45000 to 55000 Physical damage.
•Fledglings: Fledglings will fly up to the main nest then focus on attacking players and can spawn incubated eggs.
•Lay Egg: Fledglings will lay eggs that are already incubated. When these eggs hatch they spawn a Juvenile.
•Wing Buffet: The Fledgling flaps its wings quickly, pushing back all enemies in front of them.
Mature Egg of Ji-Kun: Mature Eggs of Ji-Kun take longer to incubate and spawn a Juvenile when the incubation process is complete.
•Juvenile: Juveniles quickly take to the air and fly over the main platform of Ji-Kun. Juveniles periodically drop Pools of Goo for as long as they're alive.
•Pool of Goo: Pool of Goo inflicts 80000 Nature damage every second to all players standing in it.


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