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Swedish Students Seeking Funding for EVE Online Documentary

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A group of Swedish students from Malmö University are seeking funding for EVE Online Documentary—A Tale of Internet Spaceships, which is about the EVE Fanfest.

Every year, hundreds of EVE players will travel to Reykjavik in Iceland to take part in the EVE Online Fanfest, in which fans will spend 3 days discussing, playing and bonding over their EVE experiences. The team will film the Fanfest to express “the sipirt of the game” and to “explore the sometimes complicated relationship between said community and CCP Games themselves”.

The project is being funded through Indiegogo. The group’s goal is to get $6,000 until March 18. At the time of writing, they’ve raised $919 with 37 days left. For more info or to donate, visit their Indiegogo project page here.

Source: Indiegogo

Via: Polygon


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