​Dauntless: Closed Beta First Impressions. A Rough Diamond





So far, I'm loving it.

Dauntless is a rough diamond. In closed beta you can see since minute one that the game has lots of polishing to do. But the jewel is there, you can see it so clearly you could put it on bread and eat it. I'll write a more detailed review later but for now I'll tell you what I've done.

The first thing I saw in the game was a short video of the developers explaining more or less what I'd find in the early access and how thankful they are because of my support. They do warn me I'm going to find a game in progress, which means a lot of bugs and things to fix and they appreciate my feedback.

I don't know about you guys, but it was a first for me.

Then I was able to create my character. Even though it is a closed beta, the character personalization is not bad at all. I didn't go too deep but basically you need to choose two "ancestors" who will give you a general appearance depending to which ancestor you want to be more similar to, and then you can customize your face in more detail.

(Only one character though)

Once my hunter was finished, they threw me into action right away: hunt a rogue Gnasher. Basically, sometimes a member of a specie wanders off the pack, they are usually weaker and don't bear much loot with them, yet is a nice way to get used to most of the patterns that specie is going to have. They are named "rogue" precisely because of that. So yeah, a Rogue Gnasher, as you may have guessed is the weakest of them all.

In fact most of the behemoths you hunt at the start are rogues. Is a little like a tutorial for you to understand your weapon, get used to the resources you can gather in the islands...

But then you start hunting real behemoths. Then is when Dauntless starts to look like my favorite hunter game. And I like it.

My main weapon right now is the sword.  I play with two more friends who also were with me in my Monster Hunter adventures. We made an agreement and I got the sword, one got the axe and the other the chainblades.

The sword is the most balanced weapon in the game in my opinion. I feel like its combos just fit between a monster's patterns. Sorry, a Behemoth's patters. So I'm always reacting to the beast just in time to not lose my momentum.

Yet my platonic love is the Gunhammer... cuz everything is better when you stick a gun to it. Like a pot of rice. Actually, I really like weapons which have mechanics outside of just hitting the enemy. For example I really liked the Gunlance in MH precisely because of it.

BUT, the Gunhammer feels really underwhelming as of now because of the low damage and high risk it involves. Besides, when I use my shotgun... I don't feel like I'm hitting anything. The boss doesn't flinch, not even a flame or something to indicate if my attack reached my target or not.

But oh well. The sword is also really fun.

I have yet to reach the Embermane, which seems to be a keystone in the game because of the huge boost to the stats his armour and weapons give. So I'm stuck trying to decide with my friends what to hunt in the meantime to upgrade our equipment (Currently we wear full Shrike).

Once I reach a good place in the game, I'll write a more detailed review and give you guys some feedbac k.

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