NCsoft – Guild Wars 2 Soaring in 4Q 2012

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This week, reporting from the NEWSIS stated that Game Industry was expanding both in domestic and abroad in 2012. And earlier today, Profit Report from NCsoft shows an incredible sales growth of GW2 in 4Q2012.

Just looking at the chart above, a simple calculation can tell us that sale of GW2 is increasing from 45.841 billion WON in 3Q to 119.013 billion WON in 4Q, 2012, and the percentage of GW2 in the total sales of NCsoft is increased by 18% from 27% in 3Q to 45% in 4Q. At the same time, sale of Lineage 1 is also growing in the last season of 2012, from 38.306 billion to 64.861 billion. AION and B&S still remains the same as 3Q, 2012. The whole sales of 4Q, 2012 is more than double of that in 4Q 2011, which was just 124.634 billion WON.

From the chart of Sales by Region, we can find out that the sales in 2012; 753.520 billion WON is increasing 27.36% compared to 608.878 billion WON in 2011. Of all the regions, North America and Europe’s sales are growing in an exponential rate. However, contrary to this, Japan and Taiwan regions appear a little downside.


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