Origins of Malu Closed Beta Pushed Back to March 30

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Origins of Malu

It has been a while since we last heard about Origins of Malu, which is being developed by Burning Dog Media. But today, the devs posted a detailed update on the official site, covering the state of the title’s development funding and the beta plans as well as upcoming updates of the game.

Origins of Malu

As for the game’s financial situation, the devs clarified that they are currently NOT funded. Last year Burning Dog originally kicked off a Kickstarter project in October but just a short time later, they cancelled the campaign due to new developments and a possible new source of funding. While the negotiations are still on going, Burning Dog said they would continue developing Origins of Malu in any event.

Origins of Malu

The closed beta testing has been moved back to March 30th, 2013 with the goal to test systems and scalability. Combat and large-scale faction wars will be a major point of the beta. Testers will have access to nearly 100 square kilometers of the game world. Alienware will be hosting beta registrations at for 20,000 Beta keys. You can sign up for the beta until the end of February.


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