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Monster Hunter. That's the first name that for most of us will come to mind when taking a look at Dauntless. For some, it may come as a "Another Monster Hunter copy", for others however, it may appear as a ray of hope for the PC platform to finally get a quality coop monster hunting game.

But there is also a third group... those who see Dauntless as an opener for the big bad boss called MH world. But let's not get to that.

So, What is Dauntless going to be?

I've always been a fan of the MH franchise. The first one I played was the Freedom Unite for the PSP, and I really enjoyed all the weapons and the Dark Souls feel it had because of how hard it was (I still remember when I first saw the Tigrex, the main monster in the game). And so far, Dauntless reminds me of that very game.

First, I got to say that I have not had the pleasure of playing it yet. No, I'll play the closed beta coming this September 1 and give you guys a personal opinion. What I'm going to tell you is the view I have so far from researching forums, reddit and twitch. A game like this caught my attention from day one... I mean, I have played other PC monster hunter games like God Eater, Toukiden, and Vindictus even. Yet all of them had this moment when you don't really care about the boss's patterns. However, it wasn't the impression Dauntless gave me when watching countless gameplays on Twitch, or when hearing the opinion of hardcore MH players.

(I gotta say that some bosses in Vindictus are really hard though.)

"I couldn't stop playing the alpha"

"You can see there are things to polish but the game is pretty solid despite of that"

"It has such a nice feel when you hit a behemoth with a charged Axe combo", etc.

I won't give you details that you could find on the official website, but I will tell you some of the things you can expect in Dauntless:

All weapons have a decent amount of combos, yet not all of them will be worth using depending on your playstyle and what you are hunting. There is also the matter of balancing: some weapons, like the hammer, have the slowest combos of them all, yet they don't do as much damage as the fastest combos of other weapons. Is just an issue of code and numbers.

However, there is also the hunting feeling. You are not a superhuman with flashy moves like a blackscreen full of japanese letters. No, you are a Behemoth hunter, a human against a beast. The beast is better than you in every physical aspect, and you'll feel it throughout the fight. Your stamina will drain fast, so you'll have to manage it and decide when to strike and when to dodge. To back away, or to escape. Your attacks have weight, which make them a double edged sword: choose your actions wisely, or you'll pay for them costly.

Because don't fool yourself, your cunning and perseverance are the only real weapons at your disposal. And your Gunhammer of course.

Now, technically speaking, there are various problems concerning the gameplay, from glitches to hitboxes... but the game is only in Alpha (and soon closed beta). Moreover, the developers are really hearing the players out, gathering and answering the feedback they receive with quite the positive attitude. I just know that the last time I saw such a good enviroment it was in the Warframe's alpha, when there was only one map and a few weapons. And now, look at the great game it has become.

Yet again, I encourage you guys not to let yourselves be carried by the hype train. Dauntless will have a real hard competitor in the future, so it's road will be full of strife. However... I did buy the founder pack for the closed beta so...
Yeah. I'll be on the train for you guys. Only for you... I don't believe myself either.

ANYWAY, if you liked what you read, please press the like button down here. If you have anything to add, information to share, or just an idea to voice out... then don't hesitate to leave a comment. I'll write a review of the closed beta in the future with some gameplay for you guys to enjoy!


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