Destiny 2: Expectations and Decisions.





First, let's start off by saying the truth: I haven't played Destiny at all. I'm a PC gamer, not a console one, but that doesn't mean I had not had the thought, like an starving man, of playing Destiny.

Even so, I have played other RPG based shooter games, like Borderlands... which is why I can relate to that wish of playing a story rich game with a gun on my hands. So, when I found out Destiny 2 would come out for the PC platform... I knew what I had to do.

Take some time off. Forget about friends, girls, family, pants and decency. Then get some real nice drinks for the run...

BECAUSE TOMORROW, I HUNT. (I wrote this on August 28).

But that's not why you all are here. No, you want to know what you can expect to see in Destiny 2. Of course, I'm not going to say what's already in the official site. No. What you are going to read is what I have compiled from reddit and forums, from Destiny players and new ones.

Which bring us to the First (And maybe only) BIG BAD QUESTION: Will it be worthy?

Most of Destiny players are on the fence with this one. The first game had one important flaw: it was too repetitive. In order to level up, you had to do the same missions over and over again (of course, they were "different" yet all of them followed the same patterns). The developers tried to solve the issue by adding content in further expansions, but never truly fixed it.

So, how can you answer this question?

Well, as a matter of fact, you can't. Nothing is quite decided until you see the real product for yourself... yet things do look promising. Most of the information going around is from the first sector of the game: the EDZ (European Dead Zone) on Earth.

It seems that one of the few things Destiny had from the start that was relatively not repetitive were the so called "Public Events"... the bad part is that you never knew where or when you'd find them, which also carried another issue: You'd be alone most of the time, and unless you were a movie protagonist... all your efforts would not be enough to complete them.

However, in Destiny 2 there are various open world activities where "Public Events" take a major role. You'll be able to track them down in the world map, from place to time, which also increases the chance of being there with other players. Moreover, there are various Side missions that will most probably pass through said Public Events, enriching the experience of actually walking The ravaged Earth.

It seems, also, that these side mission (called Adventures) are a fully remastered  version of the "Patrol missions" that were on the previous Destiny. No longer just the same patterns over and over again, but challenging puzzles, short dungeons and the like which serve also as a way for the writers to unveil some more of the game's backstory and lore, as they are fully voiced.  

Plus, all of them give a nice quantity of loot and rewards, of course.

There are also the so called "Lost Sectors", which I can't give a full opinion as of now. All I know is that they are really short, not a full named "dungeon".

In summary, I can see Destiny 2's open world experience similar to GuildWars 2's. Which in my opinion is not a bad thing to be compared to.  

So yeah, I can't answer you as of now if the game will be worth the 60 bucks... but don't worry, we PC lords will get an open beta from 29 to 31 of August, which will give us an idea. And for those of you who are not able to play it, I'll write a review with some gameplay.

Anyway, Destiny 2 is sure to rise a lot of expectation, yet I encourage you guys to not let the hype get to you. I've seen too many "hype trains" crash at the first station... and I was in some of them.

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