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WoW: Chests on The Isle of Thunder King Provide Elder Charms

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The Isle of the Thunder King has many chests from which we have chance to get Elder Charms and Lei Shen Ritual Stone. The stones are used for summon the boss whom you need a team to defeat.

Three of these stones are used as a spell focus used to summon powerful combatants at key points throughout the Isle of the Thunder King. These summoned opponents will require a group to defeat
 The limit of having Elder Charms increased from 10 to 20. It seems we can get more Elder Charms without endless dailies in 5.2.

The chests are refreshing in every area per hour. Trolltonshire have more chests. And here are the maps of four areas. This is not a complete version. If you have any further information, do not hesitate to tell me. You can leave a common or at @Stella_OOPS on twitter. We'll keep updating.

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