An Unlicensed ‘World of Warcraft’ Theme Park

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World Joyland,better known as a World of Warcraft theme park, opened in Changzhou last summer. This amusement park is basically, unofficially inherited from two world famous games – World of Warcraft and Startcraft, both created by Blizzard. It is the first video-game-themed park, the total cost of which is 200 million yuan (about $30 million USD) and includes seven sections, spread over 600,000 square meters. World of Warcraft and Starcraft contributed to the large area of this park which intrigues ,from the beginning to now, a controversial discussion in the internet.

In the article of David Houghton, he stated this is “the best illegal family fun day money can buy!” And other editor highly doubted the truth. Well, I also find introduction from the internet that welcome people to come and enjoy life in Joyland. All these articles indicated one thing that the entire world is concerning about this park from the aspect of law to entertainment. 

Anyway, letting the violation of copyright problem alone, it is really a resort to have a happy day with your family. In order to convince Chinese parents the principle of this park is archiving education during entertainment, World Joyland, depending on the newest digital entertainment and interactive technologies, gathered the world’s best contents of digital culture, reinterpreted, in Chinese, the core value of digital culture .

By the way, opposite to the reproaching voice, some people supported this kind of park which supplies an entertainment way for the low-salary person. Sometimes, we should make a balance between protecting the creative industry to which could not be limitlessly violated and the life quality of poor people, who could not bear expensive copyright fee. This is another topic of efficiency and fairness. I have no word on it. Philosophers and sociologists would like to talk about it.


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