Square-Enix Announces Legend World, A Final Fantasy Mashup

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Square-Enix has announced a new browser-based RPG Legend World on Japanese Square Enix Member. The game turns their membership avatar into a beast-slaying hero to fight against classic Final Fantasy monsters.

Legend World uses Stage 3D and Flash to present a world similar to a 3D RPG. So the game graphics is rather colourful and impressive. It features monsters from different Final Fantasy games as enemies, such as Bombs and King Behemoths from 2006 Wii title Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers and the Final Fantasy 12 version of Cactuars.

Square Enix is looking for people to sign up for a Closed Beta test. The game will enter closed beta in early 2013 across Japan and no Western release announced so far. Interested players can check out Legend World on the Square Enix Members website.


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