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AIIA: Dragon Ark is one of the latest MORPG’s that’s been launched in the genre. The game is powered by an Unreal Engine 4 so we can be rest assured that there will be exceptional and good quality graphics in the game. There are several features which makes this game fun to play and extremely exciting. The combat system and the PvP option coupled with brilliant graphics are definitely features which makes the game stand out. The game is definitely one to play if you are interested in role playing genres.  This article gives you an in depth rating and review of all the highlights of the game.


As mentioned earlier, the graphics in this game is powered by an Unreal Engine 4. Top notch graphics are one of the biggest highlights in the game. It’s been so well worked that at times you get the feel that you are actually playing a game which is suitable for a powerful PC. The gaming environment is complicated but very colourful and challenging. Most of the levels have been set up in an area which features old ruins and classic buildings. However, the intensity and challenges that you will encounter while playing increases as you progress through the game. The environment in which you play becomes more challenging with more obstacles thrown at your way.

The character presentation is exceptional. The developers have paid great attention to detail in ensuring that the characters look extremely aggressive.  Even during gameplay the intricate details observed during character selection is visible. This level of detail has not just been confined to the characters but has also been extended to the weapons. Each weapon looks stunningly beautiful, strong and devastatingly powerful. The portrayal of the weapons and special moves during combat have also been brought out extremely well. Every slash and strike is well captured and displayed thanks to the powerful graphics featured in the game,



The audio and background music is perhaps the only disappointment in an otherwise well-developed game. It is natural for every gamer to desire a strong and powerful; background music when a high intensity battle is being fought. The issue with the game being that it is just one small track which is played on loop during combat and after a while this monotonous soundtrack can bring down the interest that you have the game.

Usually games have a slighter music playing in the background when one either selects their character or checks out other options and moves onto a stronger and energetic music when the combat comes on. However, Aiia: Dragon ark seems to miss out on this. Even though this doesn’t affect the game completely it would still have been good to see a wonderful background music while fighting enemies.


Aiia; Dragon Ark features an in depth tutorial which is very helpful indeed. This tutorial will turn out to be very useful for those players who can’t understand the language.  The tutorial will guide you through basic movements, how to upgrade your characters, collect points, change camera view, dodge weapons and enemies etc. It basically gives you fair idea of how to play the game.

In addition to this, it also teaches players how to use another character when during combat. This will be an essential feature of the game as players can use two characters even when playing quests or missions. The tutorial can guide you on how to use the second character for defensive and attacking purposes.


The controls in this game are quite simple and easy to use. They are positioned in such a manner that you can use them without having to compromise on your battle. However, the bottom part of your screen can get quite clustered because of the number of options that have been made available to the players.
The standard movable joystick has been placed on the left hand side of the screen which works like a charm. However, players might take some time to get used to the angle of view from which the game has to be played. The camera automatically adjusts to the point of view from which the game can be played at best. On the bottom right hand side of the screen you will have your attacking options. These include your slash and strike button, a dodge button and the various skill moves surround it. These controls are specific to the main character who is involved in the game (primary combatant character).
Towards the middle bottom are located the options for your secondary or support character. This include an option to defend the primary character and a special move located right next to it.

However, the special skill can mostly be used only once in a combat as it has an extremely long cool down period. Oh also, wanted to mention this in the end; there is also an automatic combat system. Cheers.


When the game begins the players are given an option to choose from three characters. These include a warrior, sorceress etc. While the warrior is the only character who can be used for close range combat the others are more apt for long range combat. The special skills and moves on the warrior have a lower cool down period than when compared to the other two, conversely it is also the weakest of the three.

Each character comes with a set of unique skills but they are not made readily available to the players. The players will be provided with only one special skill when the game begins, the remaining will be unlocked only when the players reach a certain level. These special moves can be upgraded by the players using the points that are collected. Every special skill once used has a specific cool down period and therefore will have to be sued carefully.

The game also offers the players an option to choose a different profile with another character. This gives them the flexibility of playing with different characters.


Aiia: Dragon ark is an MORPG that has been very well set. The players will have to select a character at the beginning of the game and only then can they proceed. The game will immediately take you through the tutorial which cannot be skipped.

Players will have to use their selected character to progress through the game. They will also be provided with another character to assist them during combats. Using this secondary character can help you immensely in winning combats against boss levels as they have the ability to use both offensive and defensive skills. The boss’s become more difficult to beat as you progress through the game. The boss that you might have beaten at the lower levels will become the normal foot soldiers that you will have to defeat at the higher levels.

The game also features a real time PvP option. So if you get bored of the regular combats you can either engage in this or join other players in conducting raids.
  • High quality graphics
  • Excellent combat system
  • Skill point collection
  • PvP Battles
  • Raid Battles
  • Mining for upgrades.
Specification Android
Version Android 4.3 and above (5.0 recommended)
RAM 2 GB Minimum (3 GB for smooth gameplay)
Storage 1 GB
Taking into account all the ratings given for the individual characteristic of the game it can be rated a good 7.3/10.
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