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Assassins Creed; a game that reverberates throughout the world because of its magnificence and excellent gameplay. The franchise has been around for decades and has definitely been a successful one. Assassin’s creed is one of those games every single one of us would have played at least once. They have expanded and conquered almost all the gaming platforms with their success. Be it Playstation, X box or for PC the game has been one among the favourites. And now they are back, Ubisoft has definitely done a solid work in ensuring that they will make it to the top even on mobile devices. Assassins Creed Rebellion has been launched in several countries and has been receiving excellent feedback from its players. The game is well set up and one of the reasons for its success is going to be the fact that Ubisoft has retained all the essential elements that were present throughout the franchise even in the mobile version. Take a look at this article to find out exactly what all are the various features that are present in this game.


How many of you like the Lego Series? It's good isn’t it? They bring a sort of cuteness to all the powerful and towering characters. Well, Assassins Creed Rebellion is like a refined and polished Lego Version of the original series. But please don’t be deceived thinking that they’re cute, cause they are just as aggressive and stylish as they were in the original series. Now the graphics in the Assassins Creed Rebellion are simple and elegant. You play the game from an angle where you can literally see everything and plan your moves accordingly. The characters are very well designed. The legendary characters like Ezio, Claudia and Aguilar have all been given the same features and characteristics that they possess in the franchise. They’re kills and stealth moves are also portrayed in a brilliant fluid motion and gives a great feeling.

The game is primarily played inside temples and other buildings. So you’ll have to make your way through rooms and other obstacles. This has also been set up excellently in the game. The usual elements such as hay, boxes, extended arch’s etc are all well-defined and included within the game.
The graphics are simple but perfect.

The audio and background music in the Assassins Creed franchise is one of the best to be featured in games. And that has been featured very well in Assassins Creed Rebellion too. The level of attention given to the sound effects in this game are just exceptional. The background music is apt for the gameplay and brings a sense of excitement when playing the game.

Some of the features require a special mention. This includes the sound effects that are played in the background when an assassin attempts a stealth kill by throwing coins or hiding behind the hay. The sound effects which come into play when a deadly kill move is performed is also very well done. One of the best things that I liked personally was the exact same sound which ubisoft has brought into the game when Aguilar or Ezio performs a ‘Leap of Faith’. The sound of the eagle when they jump of the edge and into the hay is just spot on and perfect and brings the element of originality perfectly into the game.


A tutorial isn’t really necessary in this game as it is quite straightforward. Nevertheless, the tutorial teaches you how to make stealth moves, perform stealth kills, surprise attacks. It also guides on how to create training rooms and improve your characters ability. In addition to this, it also teaches you how to use different players while engaged on a mission.

The tutorial isn’t a detailed one as it just provides a quick introduction to the various features of the game. There are no tips as such given before the mission begins etc as you will have to use your skill and judgements to complete them. This in fact, makes this game challenging and fun to play.


The most exciting feature and the one that actually brings life to the Assassins Creed series is the deadly characters that are present in the game. Popular names like Aguilar and Ezio are made available to players in Rebellion. And this is just what makes the game awesome. There are more than forty characters which have been featured in Assassins Creed Rebellion.

Each character are equipped with different abilities. Some of them are purely for combat while others are perfect stealth masters. Now the entire game has different missions where you will have to aptly change between these characters as per the mission objectives. The style of killing and the way of movement are kept original to the way it has been done for several years by Ubisoft. For instance, the chance of Ezio running up a wall would be much higher and likely than any other character. Similarly, his chance of performing a stealth kill would also be higher than the others. And this unique feature is what makes Assassins Creed Rebellion so much fun to play.

When you enter into a mission you can have upto three characters in it. You can switch between the characters when you enter into different rooms depending upon the type of skill that you require in finishing that particular objective.


Now there are no specific control keys which are designated on your screens to make the Assassins move or jump. A unique form of control system has been developed by Ubisoft for this particular game.
Now, the movements of the Assassins are automated. But don’t be too quick to judge the game just because I’ve said it’s automated. The movements are the only thing that’s automated. What those moves are, how exactly you want those moves to be executed are completely upto you. Whenever an Assassin confronts an enemy there are several options which will pop up above the enemies head. These will include various options such as performing a stealth kill, going for an evasive manoeuvre or even engaging in direct combat. Based on the Assassin that you have chosen, each of those moves will have a chance percentage attributed to it. If your Assassin is one who is specifically trained in performing stealth kills then the percentage of its success would be higher than the option of a stealth manoeuvre.  Similarly, if you play as Luis then your chance at combat success reduces significantly but the same increases when it comes to solving traps and other obstacles etc.

This way, each movement of your assassin is based upon your decisions. Therefore, it is extremely fun to play because if you choose a move that is not well suited to your Assassin or is not the best option at a given scenario then it is most likely that you will end up failing. So rest assured, that the game is real fun to play with this unique system.



The one thing I’ve kept stressing upon from the beginning is how the developers have maintained the originality of the series by bringing in all the flagship features of the franchise. Assassins Creed Rebellion involves you battling against the Templars. You will have to fight your way through various levels and recruit and discover new Assassins. You can then train these Assassins, create your own brotherhood and recruit them into your team. In order to unlock new players you will have to discover new DNA fragments from your memory and collect them. The same will also be used to upgrade the abilities of your assassins.

Players will have to build their own Headquarters where the Assassin’s will recover their health after a battle. For this they will have to collect various materials which will be given as rewards after a mission is finished. Once you have a strong Headquarters you can create training rooms in order to strengthen the abilities of your brotherhood.

Specification Android
Version Android 5.0 and above for smooth gaming
RAM 2 GB Minimum (3 GB Recommended)
Storage 440 MB
Specification IOS
Version IOS 8.0 and above.
RAM 2 GB Minimum
Storage 516 MB

Assassins Creed Rebellion is not a game that should be missed especially for the fans of this franchise. Based on all the individual ratings and other characteristics of the game it can be rated 7.5/10
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