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Hunters League is an interesting mobile game got released recently by O’olBlue Inc. It's an action RPG game with a team based gameplay and 3D graphics. Use your team which is made of 3 characters, and control their actions with various weapons and skills to create the best strategy for your combat. Take a look at this detailed review to know more about the game so you can decide whether to play it or not.

Playing the tutorial is essential thing. Actually in this game, you are forced to follow the tutorial as it teaches you how to perform your skills, how to move and how to dodge the enemy's attack. In addition to various things, such as how to lead your team, how to upgrade and buy your weapons.

You begin as the Master of a team consists of 2 characters, and the tutorial shows you the way to collect more characters or the other two characters, and while doing that, one of these 2 characters will get captured by the enemy and you will have to rescue her so you can get a team made of 3 characters and 1 addition character as a backup.

The game has 3 modes: Realm, Mid Realm, and Dungeon. The Mid Realm is available at level 14, and the Dungeon is available at level 12. The Realm is available once you finish the tutorial, where you have to clear a map consist of stages to reach the final boss of this map, and the first map's boss is the one who captured your 4rd team member. Which means you get your 4rd member once you kill that boss. You can choose the difficulty of the stages from Normal, Hard and Expert. The more harder, the better rewards you get.

During combat, you can control the whole 3 characters in the same time by touching 'Select All' button, so they do the same movement in the same time. But also you can control one of them separately by touching him/her. The game's combat is kinda automatic, which means your team movement is automatic, even targeting and attacking the monsters will be performed automatically in case you don't do it by yourself. You can also set them to use their skills automatically. But honestly, your manual strategy should be much better than the strategy of the automatic mode, since you can choose which skills to be performed in an organized way so you don't get all your skills on cooldown in the same time.

Choosing the suitable weapon for a stage to be cleared is important, you can always check which weapons are effective against the monsters of any specific stage before entering it.

You can also choose the order of your 4 characters before entering any stage as who is going to be the backup and who is going to be the leader of the team. By chooisng the leader of the team, you apply a leader passive affecting the whole team. That passive effect is different on each character, so you choose what is good for your team. The backup character joins the battle when one of your 3-man team dies.

In combat you can perform something like an ultimate skill called 'Collabo', where all your team attack with a special fancy skill in the same time, dealing massive damage to your enemy. The Collabo skill can only be used when it's energy bar is 100%, which means you can't use it twice in one stage, because it wont be filled again to 100% during the stage, but you can always refill it before entering the stage.

In Dungeons, the rules are different. If you die duing battle, the weapon that was equipped becomes useless until the reset time of the Dungeon. But the monster's HP will be saved so you can try again and again until you win the battle. You earn Dungeon coins by clearing the Dungeon Stages, to buy variety of weapon Cores from the Dungeon Shop.

In Mid Realm, more powerful monsters appear. Unlike the Realm, you can get Weapon Cores as rewards, in addition to the same rewards you usually get in the Realm.










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