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Black Desert Online Guide: The Best Class For Beginners To Farm Silvers





Today, im going to show you the easiest class to use as a beginner to grind mobs for silvers, in addition to which gear to use. When it comes to grinding, the first thing you should think about is the class, which class should you play?

If your purpose is to grind quickly while dealing tons of damage to the monsters, then you are looking for a class with good AOE skills. Currently in Black Desert Online, there are two awesome classes with a great AOE skills, short cooldown and huge damage applied with low AP required, in addition to self-healing abilities.

These two classes are the wizard and the witch. Both of them are great choice if you are a beginner and looking for grinding for money, while using an easy class to learn. But in my opinion Wizard is kinda better since it has more CC skills (like the grab) to protect yourself if someone decided to kill you while grinding ( ye, you know what i'am talking about :/ ). So today im going to talk about the Wizard only. But keep in mind that the gear i'll mention below, is okay for both of the classes.

Before reaching Lv56, you'll feel kinda bored since the Pre-Awakening skills have less area damage, longer cooldown and less fun than the Awakening skills xD.
You'll have to max out some specific Pre-Awakening skills, not all of them and that will be temporary, because after all, you are not going to use this class for PVP, and you'll also get better AOE skills with the Awakening, so there will be no need to use some of the Pre-Awakening skills.

The Pre-Awakening skills to max out are (ignore the grayed out skills):

After reaching Lv56 you will have to refund all the skill points from the Pre-Awakening skills, except the following skills (ignore the grayed out skills):

Yes, you wont use the Pre-Awakening skills that much. Then you will have to max out every single Awakening skill you have got (except the basic attack), because these skills are going to be your way to grind for money. They have less cooldown, and huge area damage, specially Aqua Jail Explosion, it's the best AOE skill among the others.

Which Gear to use ?

As a wizard, there are two sets available for you to use, The Grunil Set, and The Hercules' Might Set. Grunil has popular advantage which is 7 AP bonus, and maybe that's why it's being used by almost everyone. But this set is good if you are going to partially PVP, aka open world pvp in the grinding spots. In my opinion, the Grunil is not your best choice if you are going to grind for silvers as a beginner, since it costs much silvers, and the 7 AP bonus you get wont really affect your grinding that much, specially for a wizard which doesn't require much AP to apply high damage.
Grunil Set

Personally, i prefer the Hercules' Might set, because it gives you 200 Weight limit, which is great for grinding, since every item in BDO has a weight. Which means the more weight limit you have, the longer you can grind. Also it's price is really cheap compared to Grunil's price. So overall, as a PVE wizard, 200 Weight limit is much better than 7 AP.
Hercules' Might Set

Try to get the Hercules' Might set enhanced to +15, then make it [PRI] once you get enough silvers later. You can also use Ancient Magic Crystal - Hystria Crystals on the shoes to gain addition 40 Weight Limit.

For the Accessory set, you don't have to spend much silvers on it for now, you can buy the following set:
X2   X2
       X1   X1
If you haven't enough silvers to buy them, then get any cheaper accessory set which gives at least 26~28 AP when you equip the 6 parts of it, that should be fine.

For the weapons to use, there are 3 weapons: Main weapon, Secondary weapon and the Awakening weapon. Getting the following weapons would be enough:

And yeah, +15 is good until you get enough in-game money for [DUO/TRI] weapons or even replacing the Yuria Staff with Liverto. Wizard with these +15 weapons is dealing almost the same damage as any another class using DUO weapons. You can also upgrade the main weapon and the Secondary weapon to the Ultimate phase, but that cost a bit more silvers.

Note that you don't have to go above PRI Hercules' Might Set and TRI Weapons, they are awesome for grinding only as a wizard. But for the accessories, you can try to enhance them as you wish or directly buy a top-tier set once you have enough silvers, since it has no limits to be used on any another class, so it will be always useful.

That's all, this setup is useful for any beginner player trying to farm silvers via grinding to build his main character later. So you can use this Wizard until you get enough silvers to build your favorite class to compete with the older players. The whole guide is from a personal experience, and it worked for me without any problem.

Keep in mind this guide is based on my own opinion, hope you enjoy it.










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