AION Legions Of War Review: Should You Play It?





NCSoft has been really working hard recently to raise the competition in the gaming market. And yet again they have come up with a game that has got various elements in it which scream success. AION-LEGIONS OF WAR is the latest game that has been developed in order for them to really hit the right spot and get the game to be a global success. Legions of War is phenomenal on its own stand but there are certain key areas which would not be very appeasing to a lot of those professional gamers. Take a good look at this article because it is going to explore all the minute details in the game based on which you can decide whether it’s worth playing.


Unreal Engine 4. You read that right and you know where I’m going with this. We can just as easily presume that the graphics in this game are simply outstanding. And yes, they are absolutely astounding to watch. The extremely realistic 3D environment and characters that have been created gives this game a touch of class. The detailed graphics focuses on every single aspect when the game is being played, be it one on one battles or massive ones, the graphics that have been used in this game will simply leave you speechless.

This is perhaps the biggest highlight in this game. The characters are visually appealing, the gaming environment is complicated but extremely well done and the style of combat that takes place when the game is being played is displayed brilliantly and flawlessly.


Good news fellows! The games been launched for the android version worldwide so you won’t face any hardships with regards to the language barrier this time. Either way, the game is quite different from the usual RPG that exist today as such you may require to carefully go through the tutorial so that you actually understand how the game is to be played. Now, the tutorial takes you through all the complicated aspects of the game such as when to use special skills, how to customize your characters, how to enter combat etc.


None. This is perhaps where all good things come to an end with this game. At least it will for a lot of those players who wish to engage in combat the way its meant to be done. When you have such brilliant graphics and an extremely interesting storyline its quite natural that you want to play the game. However, AION kind if takes this away from you.

Almost all of the gameplay is automated. You don’t get to control the movement of the characters, you don’t get to control when the character should attack during combat etc. There is only one thing which you can do and that’s where what this whole game is centred around. You have use your special skills at the right time in order to ensure victory during combat. If you are playing with multiple characters then you have to carefully time all your moves in order to keep the continuity and win the match. This is where it kind of gets deceptive as to whether the game is turn based or not. However, rest assured, it’s not turn based combat. 

Now the choice that AION offers with respect to the number of characters is huge. There are almost a hundred characters for you to choose from. You get to choose from various types of characters such wizards, warriors etc. The characters are one of the most crucial features of this game. The rate of your success depends on how well you upgrade your characters and how good they are. Based on the equipment’s and skills that you collect you can develop your character by evolving them. There are special designated areas in the main menu from which you can construct buildings etc. to help develop your characters combat skills. However, each character has to reach a certain level before they can be transcended or awakened. There are also several other areas which remain locked until you reach a pre-set level.


The game has a very interesting storyline and it is one worth following. Playing the game is quite simple, however it can get a bit challenging as you progress. As mentioned earlier, the combat is mostly automated so all the players will have to do is choose to tap on the special skills as and when it is ready. If you are playing with others then you will have to time it perfectly in order to get the most damage. Each special move has a cool down period and this increases as your character becomes stronger. However, the damage that is also inflicted is larger. Therefore, you make up for the time loss by inflicting more damage. However, players should also focus on improving the health of the character as they do not have any say in the movements. Your character will be subjected to injuries during combat but you have to keep upgrading them in order to last longer than the enemies.

Specification Android
Version Android 5.0 and above
RAM 2 GB Minimum
Storage 1 GB

The game is worth playing if you like Korean MMORPG. However, the automated combat seems to take out a lot of fun that players would otherwise have had. Therefore, the game can be given a rating of 7.5/10.









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