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Conqueror’s Blade (War Rage) which is developed by Booming Studio announced the global version in the E3 in June. At ChinaJoy 2017, the game producer Wang Xi tells us the reasons of the big change in the new version and the direction of game production in the future.

 "Conqueror's Blade is going to return to the most primitive state"

Conqueror’s Blade has undergone great changes this year. For what kind of consideration you decide to make these changes?
Wang Xi: First of all, player demands and the market force us to change. At the very beginning, Conqueror’s Blade is a unique product. We want to bring a realistic world of cold arms to the players. But last year when we released the first beta version in September, in fact, we had a lot of gameplay features inspired by other games.
As we communicate with our players more and more, we found that Conqueror’s Blade must have its own characteristics. Our final decision is that Conqueror’s Blade cannot compromise to the market, and it need to have its own path and traits. The UI is very different to the traditional MMOs, and it represents the most original form of our product. So we call it a return to the original — the core design concept and combat experience, have returned to what it's like at the beginning.

You said you will pay more attention to the stories and single-player campaign. How do you plan to present the stories to players?
Wang Xi: Campaign is not our priority at this point because we think the game is about interaction between players. In a small scale, it's dozens of players fighting and in a larger scale it's thousands of players fighting a world war.
We believe that no stories are better than those come from player interaction. So we are now all focusing on the development of combat experience, and then battlefield rules, diversity, as well as the sandbox.

"Conqueror's Blade is not a game set in the Ming Dynasty"

Why Conqueror's Blade is built for the international market from the ground up?

Wang Xi: After returning from the United States in March this year, I made a big decision: Conqueror’s Blade will have only one version in the world, because we knew a good game should be designed for global market.
So we spent about three months to make graphics upgrade as well as the changes of core elements. In fact, this decision is very, very important. You will see the change of the whole game in every aspect.
Will Conqueror’s Blade has more civilizations or generals for the Western players?
Wang Xi: Conqueror’s Blade is a multi-civilization game, and we want to reflect the 15th-16th century in the history, including various civilizations and all kinds of wars. Conqueror's Blade is not only about the Ming Dynasty of China, it's actually about the 16th century of the world, and it is a war game not just focuses on a single civilization.

"Conqueror's Blade is not a pay-to-win game"
We are very interested in the vocal control system; you said that you plan to add dialect into this system before, what is the progress of this system?
Wang Xi: This is actually an independent system, and we have some very fun technologies, and vocal control is also one of them.
Adding vocal control system is not difficult, but making it fit the game in actual combat is. It is not a simple implement of new technology, but also something that affects the entire game.
What other features will be added to the game in the future?
Wang Xi: Conqueror’s Blade already has enough features. A new player will take a long time to master all systems. We plan to further polish the game. For example, the weather system could mean a lot of gameplay, and it's not simply something that gives buff or debuff.
I think that the development of Conqueror’s Blade actually starts after the game is released. I want players to be involved in the R&D.
What business model the game will use?
Wang Xi: To be honest, we cannot tell at the moment. But there is one thing, Conqueror’s Blade is never going to be Pay-to-win, only Pay-for-time (you can pay to save your time).

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