Best MMOs and Multiplayer Games of 2017 (Updating)





Hello gamers, 
This is an article dedicated to the BEST MMOs and multiplayer games which you can play in 2017. This list will receive regular updates throughout the year depending on new releases.  We tried to include games from various genres and pricing models so that there will be diversity.

If you have a game which you personally think that should be on this list write it in the comment section below so more people can see it and learn about it.

First off, we start our list with one of my favorite MMOs of all time, Neverwinter, a game that I have played for a long time and I would totally recommend to anyone.  Neverwinter is a free-to-play action MMORPG which is based on the popular Dungeon & Dragons games. Neverwinter has one of the best combat system that I have experienced in MMOs. The combat is fluid and feels impactful and each class’ animations are beautifully designed with attention to detail. There is great diversity among the classes in terms of how they are played – one thing in particular that I liked is that each class has its own dodge mechanics-  and each class has its own strengths and weaknesses as it should be. All classes have solo potential, but you need to team up with other people in order to conquer high level content and I like that in an MMO because it promotes players’ communication.

Also, another great aspect of Neverwinter is its immersive storyline and lore, I thoroughly enjoyed playing through the main questline and the multiple expansion campaigns which came out later. Finally, Neverwinter offers players a great skills customization which opens up a large variety of different builds which you can try.
To sum this up, if you are a fan of action MMOs and like story driven games and also you are fan of the classical fantasy setting with orcs, dragons, elves dwarves etc. then you should definitely try it out with your friends. You will never run out of things to do in Neverwinter.


Creativerse is an open world multiplayer crafting/building game. It is very similar to Minecraft but with a lot of extra stuff in it.  There are two different versions of the game currently. Obviously there's the F2P version and there’s also the Creativerse - Pro version which by buying it, gives you the ability to create multiple worlds and be able to customize them to your heart’s content with many more additional, advanced options like a glider to be able to fly through the skies. In my opinion if you want a good Minecraft alternative which also adds tons of new stuff and features in the game then you should definitely try it out. And if you see that you are liking the free version, you can spend some money and buy the whole game which will greatly enhance your gaming experience.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark Survival is a sandbox, survival MMORPG published by Studio Wildcard. Like most games of that kind your goal is to gather supplies, craft things which will aid you, build your base and fight off enemies who try to kill you. Ark: Survival Evolved though, has one more thing which sets it apart from the majority of those games, dinosaurs. Not only you can hunt all kinds of dinosaurs in the wild, you can also capture them, tame them, breed them and take them into battle. Who wouldn’t like riding into battle atop of a Tyrannosaurus Rex or on a flying Pterodactyl. Ark: Survival Evolved is a game in which you have to be part of a large group, if you want to actually be relevant in the game, it is not recommended for those who like soloing. Despite that, I think that this is very good game to buy if you are into this genre and it will surely keep you occupied for quite few months.









Path of Exile
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