A Team Based Showdown: Gigantic vs Paragon vs MXM

I’ve talked a bit about Gigantic - in fact, I liked it so much I even compared it to Overwatch: one of the biggest games out there right now. But, then came Paragon and MXM and I thought…"can Gigantic stand up to these two like it once stood up to Overwatch?” Well let’s find out, because it’s round 2 for Gigantic and a three way brawl between them, Paragon, and MXM -and there can only be one winner!

It’s a three way brawl!!

Since I’ve played Gigantic the most, I’ll start with that. Gigantic is a team based free to play shooter from a third person view developed by Indie game studio Motiga. It has a colorful cast of characters similar to Overwatch each with their own backstory. The world is colorful to match it’s character and it’s like someone took paint and had a blast with it creating whatever came to mind! Each character has their own unique abilities and they are all a joy to play. No one character is similar to each other and you’ll quickly find out which ones you want to have as your mains.

Obviously there are offense, defense, tank, and support characters.  These characters will be switched up depending on the situation and these situations change a lot because the map is pretty big. There tunnels around the place speedy characters like Tripp (Lady Lightning Daggers) to flank enemies or capture points within those tunnels. Characters like Lord Knossos will be leading the charge against main enemy points, Omani and Voden sniper from far off, while Uncle Sven and Xenobia heal friendlies. You can change your character before you start the match which always helps to keep a well balanced team The match lengths are pretty average as well which gives you enough time to turn the match around in your favor. For me, they averaged around 20 minutes.

Gigantic Characters

There are some cool things to this game like the fact you can upgrade your abilities mid battle which will help you give you the edge you need if you are ever in a tight spot. The upgrades are branching trees so it's not just fully upgrade all abilities it's choosing what upgrade you want to have for a certain ability depending on playstyle or situation, and some of these are AOE (Area of Effect) abilities that can help your teammates in a pinch.

Tripp in action with her abilities.

There are not very many cons to this system or this game. There is a lot of getting double teamed or even triple teamed in this game though which is very annoying. One of the biggest concerns of this game however is the wildcard character. You have your assassin, your tank, your sniper, and your support, but the last character is always the wildcard and sometimes it's not very fun to fight or even be him/her.  Honestly, that's a very minor gripe with the game. Another con is that the gameplay can get a little repetitive, with capturing points and trying to defend your Guardian while trying to defeat the opposing team’s Guardian. Overall though, the game is fun with very minor gripes here and there and it'll probably be a bit of a stand out from the crowd.










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