New MMORPG: GuJian Online May Come to the West

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From the beginning of 2017, this game has on record, the most participated players of all close beta games in China...
Gujian OL is developed by Aurogon Technology Shanghai, later published by GameBar Inc. (the game official‘s Chinese name is Wangyuan Shengtang, headquartered in Beijing). This month, the game entered its 5th close beta test for three weeks of July. The last close beta was launched in June 2016 which was almost little more over a year ago. The major changes this year are the huge graphical leap utilizing new technologies, the redesign of character models, the re-engineer of the entire combat system (action combat from tab target), newly released dungeons, improvement of UI, and among other features.

Game Booth in E3 2017:
In this year’s E3 gaming expo, the game decided to take a stab at the global market, the official has named the game “Gujian OL” to finally show itself to the western audience, and likely in the future that the game will come to the West someday. The game official staffs questioned and took notes of western players’ perspectives about the game. The audience in E3 commented about the fascinating mythical elements they learnt, as well as the nice graphics and the smooth combat. 
(GameBar Inc. with their own neat looking booth and models presented in E3)

The Official stated on their billboard in E3: 
“Gujian OL is a highly anticipated 3D MMORPG, featuring vivid details of Chinese traditional culture.
The game is based on imagined history, combining real sceneries in the real world and Chinese fairy tales.”

Where it came from? How famous?
How did this game exist in the first place? Checking on its birth certificate, it’s actually not the first child being born, it’s an online version spin off after the 2nd sequel, from a series of single player games called “Gujian Qitan” (Ancient Swords and Legends). The very first game of the series was released back in 2010, gaining a huge fame in China almost dominating the #1 top rank single player game in the market during that period, over 7 million units sold in one year. Due to the inextinguishable hype that have continued on, comics, novels, Chinese TV dramas, along with other products have taken adaptation from the game. Following up, the 3rd sequel was announced recently to be released in 2018. A film is also currently in production on the way to the big screen.


Strong Chinese Culture, Myths and Folklore:

Although a game with a fantasy world may share similar elements or life in other western games. Story wise and background, what sets this game apart from other already released Asian fantasy MMORPGs in the market? How different is the culture compared to Blade and Soul, Tera, Black Desert, Age of Wushu, Final Fantasy XIV and etc.? The literary illustration of this game is surrounded with more mythical tales and folklore than traditional martial art literature or western fantasies where you have wizards and magic. 
To give you some ideas, ever heard of some of the classic stories like Journey to the West? Madame White Snake? Or Ancient Chinese Ghost Tales? This game combines different elements of folk’s legends, such as Chinese Gods, Demi-Gods, demons, ancient Chinese ghost stories, and the concept of reincarnation.
Not to mention, the story about love passing through time before life to afterlife...
Moreover, religion and belief such as Buddhism, Taoism, temple and monastery are part of the environment. This game explores the ethical conflict in the human society. Some examples of the plots involved:
(A man cultivates oneself by helping and doing good deeds to people, once he passes the test he will reach nirvana. Another story, is a man living a happy life with his family until one day he has a sudden change of personality that makes him kill his whole family and other people in the village, no body know the reason until later find out that he was possessed by a ghost that is cursed of lingering in the world without freedom. And then, you have a story of kind-hearted demon taking a form of human, wishing that she will be like other human beings, having a normal life, which is to find love, get marry, have children and live happily ever after. But no, there’s always a douche who is stereotypical about how demons are all evil and wishes to dispose them from the human society. )
Despite all the folklores that contribute to the major plot, they don’t make up 100% of the content. This game dressed up a layer of fantasy Wuxia, with some magic and western fantasy elements as well, not to mention the air travelling technologies that are very futuristic but taking the form of ancient style to suit the era. The beautiful landscapes on the other hand contain more real world sceneries rather, than what you will find in a fairy tale. 
Specs and Settings:
This game is very compatible with wide range of PCs. Graphic is optimized from the very low end PC to the high end using 4K. The graphic setting provides plenty of options like texture, post processing, lighting, shadow, clouds, water, antialiasing, etc. Each with its own slider! The slider moves from lowest, low, medium, high, very high, to ultra-setting. You can also move and place the different UIs to wherever you like on your screen (like your health bar, the quest listing area, the mini map, shortcut menus, skill bars, chat windows, etc).









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