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Secret World Legends Review - A Fantastic Modern MMORPG

Game Info 

This game is different and unique. This is an MMO that focusses on telling stories first and foremost. The game presents us with one of the most atmospheric worlds in gaming, with lore going back thousands and thousands of years. And the interesting part is that you aren't playing in a fictional world. You are literally in the world we live in. This is a game where characters can have Twitter Accounts, NPCs reffer you to google and missions require an app on your phone to solve them. Most importantly this game provides you with a challenge and that is it's strongest and weakest point.

Gameplay Review

The game, especially in the beginning, is a bit challenging to figure out. The combat is interesting, but it takes some time to realize the possiblities you have and this causes some people to call it boring. There is no level or classes, but nine weapon types that you can learn. The quests are fun and diverse, but some of them can be extermely challenging. I would go as far to say that if you are not looking for a challenge, stay away. Once you figure them out however, there is an amazing depth here and you will have lots of fun.

From investigation missions that require you to call a real phone number and sabotage quests that require you to dodge cameras and lasers, the game does a lot more than having you kill just a quantity of mobs. That doesn't mean there aren't more traditional MMO quests, but there is always a small twist and your objective will never have you kill more than a few mobs at a time, even if you are playing an action quest. All of this comes at a price though because it means that content comes at a slower rate. Funcom seems to preffer quality over quantity and I think that is the right approach for this game. The amazingly designed dungeons take out the trash mobs almost completely and provide you with a chain of interesting boss battles that will force you to quickly move around your screen. 

As for the NPCs, they are just amazing. They have some of the most memorable lines ever and this is one of the only MMOs where you will remember the names and stories of most characters you encouter. As for the players, the community is small, but very friednly and helpful. With player help chats and other initiatives they do their best to make the ride as smooth as possible for new and old players alike. And you would probably need their help, because the tutorials and pop-ups do not always give as much guidance as they should and you really need to pay close attention to what is happening on the screen.

Pros : 
  • The game is incredible and unique
  • It has the most amazing features I've ever seen in a game
  • The story is great
  • The community is friendly and nice
  • The questing is very fun and different
Cons : 
  • The game is badly optimised and might run slow
  • The questing can be quite difficult, needing you to seek help from others
  • There aren't that many players
  • Graphic-wise it's a "meh"

Overall I think the game is great and I suggest everyone try it out especially if you've never played it before. It has amazing mechanics and fun questing which I fell in love with. The classes and weapon using is really interesting to learn about too. Definitely a very well thought out game.
2P SCORE : 8.5









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