Unveil the Secrets of Chinese Power Leveling Studios

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 Chinese Power Leveling Studios

Jingbo Ye [叶靖波(ID:风云虾)] rents a duplex apartment near his company and lives with his colleagues. While his colleagues stay up late and live an irregular life, he wakes up early everyday and insists on eating breakfast. Between virtual world and reality, he draws a quite distinct line. Jingbo Ye is a power-leveler and works for 7 Huang Net (七煌), one of the most popular studios that offering power leveling service in China. 

The duplex apartment is about  2000 square meters. The rent is about 3000 Yuan ($500) a month.

There are thousands of power leveling studios in China. Players pay them and get their characters in various games (especially MMO games) leveled-up as rapidly as possible with the least amount of play time. Power-levelers have always been accused of breaking game balance and are often confused with gold farmers. In most cases, they are stereotyped in a bad way -- hikikomoris who come from poor Asia countries. But are they? Perhaps it’s time to unveil these studios and see the whole picture. 

7 Huang Net was founded in 2012 and was composed of 40 employees. It is located on the third floor of an Internet Café in Yi Xing, Jiang Su Province, China.

The location of 7 Huang Net.

Most employees of 7 Huang Net were males, so the work area is divided into Smoking Area and Non Smoking Area.

Smoking Area and Non-Smoking Area


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