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Black Desert
is the debut title from the Korean game company Pearl Abyss which was founded by the maker of Continent of the Ninth (C9) Daeil Kim in September 2010. This sandbox MMORPG features seamless open world, large scale castle siege, housing system, mounted combat, dynamic weather system, in-game wiki system, open world PvP, fantastic graphics etc. and it has the combat system in the veins of C9 featuring active dodge, active block and various attack combination chains. Apart from the features I mentioned above, more new game contents can be explored in game since Black Desert is still in development currently.

Beta Information (the Korean Version of BD):
1. The first closed beta lasted for only one week from October 17 to 23 Seoul Time in 2013.
2. The second closed beta is coming soon in the first quarter of this year.
3. The third closed beta? It has not been confirmed if there will be a third closed beta.
4. Open beta is scheduled in the second half of 2014.

Game Publishers:
The Korean, Japanese and Russian publishers for Black Desert are confirmed according to the developer Pearl Abyss. The developer is still looking for a western partner, but at the same time they are also working on the English client by themselves. They will probably bring this game to other regions, but they didn't confirm the details officially.

1. BD Korea Official Site
2. Japanese Publisher & Russian Publisher Been Confirmed
3. BD English Version Being Worked on by Pearl Abyss
4. Pear Abyss's Facebook Page
5. 2P's Black Desert Online Facebook Fan Page

Official Game Trailers:
1. The First Official Trailer

2. The Second Official Trailer

3. Official Teaser Trailer

4. Official Boss Battle Preview Trailer

5. Official Interface Preview Trailer

There are five races in Black Desert including Human, Elf, Giant, Dwarf, and Hobbit. The first three are confirmed, and the last two are unconfirmed.

I'm a little confused with classes in Black Desert here as characters of the same type of class have different and unique features. For example, both the Sorceress and Wizard belong to the same mage class, but sorceress is a short-ranged class and Wizard is a long-ranged class to the contrary. I think I would say characters instead of classes here. There are four characters Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress and Giant playable in last CBT and new characters like Valkyrie, Wizard, Blader, Male Ranger and Tamer are still in development. Only Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress and Giant can be playable in the second CBT.

>>>Black Desert Different Characters' Screenshots

Only four classes were available in the first CBT including Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress and Giant. Here are some video demos to show you exactly how the skills of each class look like in the first CBT. Each character only had a limited amount of skills as it was not a complete and final version of Black Desert in last CBT and the max level in the first CBT is 40. More skills will be unveiled in the second closed beta.

>>>12 Skill Video Demos

Character Creation
In the first closed beta, you didn't have many options on creating a personalized character. But this will be changed in the final version of Black Desert for sure because the developer has enriched the character customization settings after the first closed beta. We can possibly see the changes in the second closed beta.
>>>Getting Started with Black Desert by Creating a Character

Opening Cinematic
Storyline: In order to prove the legend of Black Stone, the insidious priest comes to the Tower of Will and slaughters innocent barbarians. He worships the Black Stone and offers the barbarians to it as the sacrifices. The Black Stone fragments are compounded into one Black Stone Ball but still one last Ancient Fragment is missing. Priests burst the Black Stone Ball through a device created by a scientist. The Black Stone Ball resonates with the Ancient Fragment hidden in the Ferry. The Black Stone Ball attacks the Ferry and kills almost all the people there. The survival from this disaster then begins their adventure on Black Desert.

Mounts cannot be stored up in Black Desert. Take good care of the mount. Otherwise, it may be killed by any strangers. Then you have to buy a new one.
Pearl Abyss said that they are not going to introduce any flying mounts in Black Desert.
>>> Mount & Housing Screenshots

Similar to other MMO Housing Systems you will be able to get your own house or your own tent. Both of them can be decorated with in
game items. You can simply purchase these items from an NPC or by doing quests. Some Bosses are also dropping rare decoration items. The special thing is, that the housing area is not instanced. You can also visit every house which is open to visit. There are more than 1000 mensions, flats and houses available at launch. You can rent a House or a Flat for at least 3 months by visiting the auctioneer who is only available for a certain time every day.


Costumes in Black Desert are dropped by monsters, crafted by players, or sold in cash shop. But you won't see any tuxedo, futuristic costumes or costumes that don't fit in the medieval background.

1. Flute Playing
You need to pay attention to the falling notes on the screen and be sure not to hit them. Left click will make your mouse move to a line to your left and right click to a line to your right. You will keep walking when playing the flute and stop playing when you get hit by a note.

2. Fishing

3. Pigeon Shooting

3. Mining

Castle Siege:

Open World PvP:

During last CBT, the PvP mode was live in the whole server from 10 p.m. to midnight Seoul time. Everyone needed to be careful or they may be killed by any passers-by. Players that had been killed would drop items.

Boss Battle:

You are able to go almost anywhere you like in Black Desert without level limit as it is an open world.If you are used to auto path-finding or auto killing, you may be disappointed. Black Desert provides neither of them in game. Instead, you can explore the game world by yourself and have fun. Doing quests won't reward you with EXP, but it can increase your Contribution Point. It won't affact a lot if you don't do quests and you can kill monsters or do trades instead.
Note: Contribution points can be used to active nodes, borrow tools, expand node/town functions and they are not consumable anymore in the second CBT. Players can use the points and get the points back.

Combating System:
Black Desert producer Daeil Kim revealed that he was a fan of 2D based fighting games, but it is hard to bring fighting action of those games to Black Desert. However, it is possible to use WASD keys, mouse controls or combination of both. "Unlike other MMORPGs, we have attempted to facilitate greater variety in action combat sequences beyond simply pressing number keys."

In action games, the timing of casting a skill and a monster's reaction are very important. They are going to develop Black Desert into an action game that players must control their characters purposefully and monsters can have more complex reaction.

Just take a look at the official trailers above and some gameplay videos of the first closed beta as they will confirm what the producer said.

Dynamic Weather System:

Day to Night Cycle:

Black Desert has a beautiful day to night cycle. Rather than other games, in which the sun seems to operate on a simple on/off switch, Black Desert's environments change slowly from high noon to deep night over a period of four hours. The game world changes drastically with the cycles of night and day. NPCs will return to their homes to rest with their families after sunset. Monsters become more frightening as the moon rises. Mysterious things can be seen at nighttime, which slip back into hiding as the eastern sky lightens.

In-game Wiki System:

The Wiki System of Black Desert gives you the opportunity to get more information about NPCs, Monsters, Locations etc. you already visited. You can also learn more about the world and the Story of Black Desert.


Black Desert's Operation Director Yun Jaemin said that the development team was considering developing this game on console platform as this game was neither targeting nor click-to-move. Pearl Abyss also replied to a fan on Facebook that they were interested in PS4 and Xbox One platforms, but had not decided. This game also provides controller support.

The second closed beta is drawing near. Here are some previews:
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