What Black Desert Did Right and What It Did Wrong Since the Past Year





After more than 1 year of playing Black Desert Online especially the EU/NA version, BDO developers made some mistakes, but also they did many good stuff to the game, and keep in mind it's just my opinion. So I decided to talk about it all in terms of what it did right and what it did wrong, but first let's start with the wrong.

What it did wrong:

1- The change in IP block policy

The EU/NA version was not ip-blocked in the beta phases, and everyone wanted to play the game so bad, so typically it had many supporters and fans, but when the game was released, there were some specific regions and countries being ip-blocked and that was kinda disappointing for the supporters who supported this game from the blocked regions, and it was like betrayal or more like a backstabbingfrom BDO team to these blocked supporters/fans.But when that happened, many fans insisted on playing the game so they decided to use VPN.

2- The lack of group content

The game doesn't feel like an mmo most of the time, sure you group up here and there but it mostly solo-based gameplay, but that doesn't mean its bad but it's not that good for whoever hates to be playing alone, and i think there should be some dungeon quests and group-based content.

3- Cashshop is kinda mandatory 

Cashshop is mandatory if u want to compete, for example: maids, pets, value packs and weightlimit 
are such big advantages. But when it comes to the weightlimit some people gonna say that you can buy weightlimit by the Loyalty points, but we have to say there's a limit of 4 packs per character, so its a big advantage to buy more from the cash shop. But overall it's not p2w, it's p2skip.

4- Value packs

BDO team promised the fans to not add the value packs to the EU/NA version, but late 2016 they decided to add the value packs to the game which gives a huge advantage to the owners of it, like being able to sell your items with more profit in the marketplace, and yes you can buy value packs by the Loyalty points but it's just 1 day and it costs 1400 L points, which means 1day of value pack equals 14days of gameplay, so actually many players were bothered and disappointed.

5- Lack of purchasing limit on the cashshop items in the marketplace

Recently BDO developers decided to make it possible to sell the cashshop costumes, pets and value packs in the marketplace but under a specific price limit and only 5 items per week. Yeah these limits were good enough to prevent it from being p2w game, but the problem was truly something else. 

It was about the chance of buying such a cashshop item from the marketplace, because everyone wants to buy a costume or a pet, so every cashshop item is being sold very quickly and it is impossible for some players to buy any cashshop item, especially pets. So in my opinion there should be a purchasing limit for each account per week, so they let a chance for other players who can't pay money for cashshop items to be able to buy some cashshop stuff from the marketplace.

6- Gender-locked classes

Actually when it comes to this case, so many players get bothered, since every class is gender-locked as a female or male, which forces you to play a specific class as being gender-locked.

7- Poor server connection

Recently the lag and disconnects were flooding the server and still. Players are getting random disconnects, and some players can't even login as they get insta-disconnected, also the lag is horrible, and everyone is waiting the dev team to solve this issue as it's kinda unplayable.

What it did right:

1- Character progressing

I like how its an mmo like you progress your char over and over, you have to do stuff in the game, you never feel like "i have nothing to do", it's just all there and kinda endless !

2- Gear-based gameplay

PvP and combat mechanisms are awesome, since it's all gear-based, so you have to work harder to reach the top-tier gear.

Many mmos lost this feature, it's like everyone has the max gear so quick or its equalized, i mean if i want to play equalized i can just play league or a moba, you know you don't feel "connected" to your character.

Recently they added more gear content, therefore it gets more challenging.

3- Adding more content

BDO team recently added more content and classes to the game, such as striker and dark knight, which makes the game more fun and you can explore more and more.

4- Selling cashshop items in the marketplace

When BDO was launched, the cashshop items weren't sellable in the marketplace, but they decided to make the cashshop outfits, pets and value packs are sellable in the marketplace with a price & listing limitations, which gave a chance for many players who can't afford the cashshop items to buy them from the marketplace.

But if we are going to talk about the p2w issues, i wouldn't say it's p2w by anyhow, since the amount of silvers u get by selling cashshop items per week in the marketplace are really low and the cashshop items are expensive in terms of real money price, compared to the regular amout of silvers you get daily by grinding or the other methods.

4- Servers merge

BDO team decided to make a servers merge so everyone in a specific region "EU or NA" can play together in one massive server which makes it more challenging as the game gets more crowded with guilds, etc.

5- Joining the Steam platform

Recently, bdo team decided to add the game on Steam, and it's price was decreased to 9.99$ for a copy without any packages.

Overall the decision was great for the game as it increased the game popularity and therefore increasing the player base of the game.

According to Kakao Games, the player base of the game has exceeded one million as it’s available in North America and Europe.

Even the overall user reviews on steam is stated as being "Mostly Positive" which is great.

6- Releasing on Consoles

During the Taipei International Game Show Korean developer Pearl Abyss has confirmed that a console version of Black Desert Online is being developed right now. The company has stated that Black Desert Online console will be identical to the PC version, but they still don’t know whether to allow cross-play between different platforms or not.

For sure the game is still in the early stages of development, so there’s no information about the release window. We still have no idea whether it will be ip-blocked like the PC version or no. The decision itself is great, since it will increase the player base of the game and therefore it will be more popular!

So overall this article written based on my personal opinion and for sure everyone has his personal opinion and personal point of view.

Don't take it as a must and hope you find it useful.

For those of you who don’t know the game, the game is a sandbox massively multiplayer online RPG developed by Pearl Abyss. It has been in development since 2010, and entered closed beta testing in October 2013.

Specs detailed below:

Minimum system requirements to play Black Desert Online:

* 32 bit Windows 7 or 8
* Intel Core i3-530 2.9GHz
* 4gb RAM
* GTS 250 / GeForce 9800 GTX / Radeon HD 6770
* 1280×720 Resolution

Recommended system requirements to play Black Desert Online:

* 64 bit Windows 7 or 8
* Intel Core i5-650 3.2GHz
* 8gb RAM
* GTX 670 / Radeon HD 7970 / R9 280X
* 1920×1080 Resolution









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