Art of Conquest Review: An MMORTS for Mobile That You Must Play





War games have always been able to capture the interest of players from across the globe. Its unique style of play and the strategies which must be used is what makes such games stand apart from the rest. Year after year, game developers have been trying to come up with different stories and methods to play this particular genre of game. Building troops, capturing and defending bases, raiding enemy camps etc. have been marked as some of the basic characteristics of these games. So with all this constant improvisation that’s going on, how does Art of Conquest set the stage to be one of the most exciting and adventurous game of this year?

Art of Conquest is the latest MMORTS game by developer Lilith Games. With an interesting gaming environment, fun to play and powerful characters, excellent strategic options and a brilliant background score to go ahead with it during gameplay, Art of Conquest seems to have it all. Let’s have an in depth look at the various features of this game and see why it might stand out from the rest of the MMORTS games.


The developers have done a commendable job with the visually appealing aspects of the game. It’s easy on the eye and looks like a professionally crafted game. The game features six different kingdoms which the players can access at any point of time during the game. Each kingdom has a completely new environment filled with different sorts of enemies and monsters to defeat. The best part is that the graphics in this game have stunning effect during the combats. It’s been designed in such a manner that players can see the movements of the entire troop clearly. Every combat skill or attack move that is played can be viewed easily even while having your entire troop in the frame. This can help you place the troops strategically as you know how each character is going to attack.

The gaming environment in every Kingdom is also different. Ranging from lush Greenland’s to snow filled mountains and graveyards, Art of Conquest has it all. All the characters are also well designed in the game and makes it an interesting aspect of the game.

A key aspect of the game which can been well utilized by the players is the tutorial. The game features a brilliant explanation of how to go about with the game. It guides you through various objectives like choosing your perfect character or Hero to lead your army, choosing the Kingdom the best suits you etc. One of the most important thing that it gets you through is on how to play the game such as placement of troops, using your special abilities and even guides you through on how to add new Hero’s or upgrade the one’s that you have.

In addition to this, it presents you with quick tips and strategies on how to win combats. Following those tips can really help you win the combats in the game.

Art of Conquest included five playable classes from which you can choose your desired character. There are twenty heroes throughout the game and each of them have their own special ability which can be used during combats. In addition to our hero’s there are several other units such as warriors and soldiers which can be used to support and assist your hero during combat.

Each Hero has several abilities which will be unlocked as the he develops. A new ability will be unlocked at certain pre-determined levels of the Hero. So, with your essentially developing you can see and use him with various new skills which are extremely powerful.

Art of Conquest offers you a choice of three hero’s from which you can choose one to begin your game with. It is with this Hero that you start building your troops and gathering more hero’s.

Art of Conquest has a unique style of gameplay. It doesn’t feature an open world battle environment where you can just go forward and attack enemies. At the beginning of the game, you will have to choose a Hero and affiliate yourself to one of the six kingdoms that are available, It is from here that you start progressing. Players will essentially be pitched on the map and will have to tap on it to move forward. As you progress there will be obstacles and monsters in your way.

Whenever a player comes across a group or an enemy army or a monster, tapping on that will take you deeper into the battle zone where you will have to successfully defeat them in order to progress.  Once in the battle zone the player will have to deploy his troops. How is this done? Players will have to choose the card which contains the troops that he wants to deploy. Once this is done, you can strategically place them on the arena from where you wish to launch the attack. Several troops can be placed but there is only a limited space available for you to place them, so you will have to be very careful with the units that you choose to lead your attack. You won’t be allowed to launch your attack without your Hero. You can have several heroes within your combat zone as this can help you launch more powerful attacks, however this might also mean you will have to compromise on some units so this will have to be played strategically by the player.

As you progress through the map you will be able to collect more units and enlarge your enemy, this also helps you cover up the losses for the troops that you lost during combat. As you move through the game you start unlocking more Heroes and various other parts of the map. In addition to this, players can switch between Kingdoms in order to break the monotony of the gaming environment. Personal setting of the player will also allow you to change your faction and there are almost thirty different factions to choose from.

The multiplayer aspect of Art of Conquest is also quite interesting. Although you may not be able to have PvP battles until you reach a certain level and have sufficient troops in your army, once you are allowed to have such battles it requires a lot of strategic planning which makes the game extremely fun to play. Players can also join large guilds in order to strengthen their army.
  • 5 Playable races.
  • 20 Different Heroes with different abilities to choose from.
  • 6 different Kingdoms.
  • Real Time Combat.
  • RPG card system for abilities.
  • Persistent Map means battles are fought over persistent real locations.
  • Lend and request troops from your allies.
  • Real time PvP battles
VERSION 4.4 and above. IOS 8.0 and above
The brilliant gameplay and the extremely fun real time combat earns this game a rating of 8.5/10.









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