Dreadnought Review- A Galactically Unique MOBA

Game Info:

Dreadnought is a 5 vs 5 battle arena style game with spaceships developed by Greybox for both PC and PS4. Each team's main goal is to defeat the opposition by shooting everyone down until there's no one left. Throw in some missiles and abilities and you are given some great tools for mayhem.


The game is very “pick up & play”. When you 1st start you are introduced the great Captain Bix, who talks you through how to make your metal mass of death move through the air. From there you then learn how to start shooting and destroying ships. The tutorial is fairly straightforward giving a basic knowledge of movement and how to tell your teammates that you spotted some sneak trying to flank you so he can try to poke you from behind. The game does come with controller support but with this being a new feature it's not fully explained on what button does what, so you may find that you turn on the windscreen wipers when you ment to launch Armageddon onto some unfortunate sap that just happened to warp into your cross hair. They are easy picked up by time you've played a few matches but you do find yourself swapping from keyboard to joypad to make choice in menus.

The gameplay will seem somewhat familiar to those that have played World of Tanks and other Space Battle Arena games. The unique thing about Dreadnought is that most of the ships are equally good or equally bad, depending on your view of things so most players are evenly matched, most of the time. The game supports many different play-styles as you can play a vital healer that reapplies the paintwork and bashes out the dents, the tactical long range sniper that finishes off targets that try to sneak up on your team, or the Aggressive Dreadnought Captain that screams in battle. No matter which way you play the game, you feel that you can make a considerable contribution to your team and win the battle depending on how nice the Matchmaking Gods are on you, like with every other MOBA. One thing that stood out for me as a player is not needing to be on the offence all the time. I enjoy playing the support role, keeping my team in good health and throwing out the odd buff when needed, and this game, unlike many others offers that.

Match wait times vary depending on the time of day that you play. There are always a few people in the game's official Discord channel that makes teaming up with people a lot easier than in some games. It's also a great place to pick up some pointers and tips. Most times you do get to have a good game and players tend to be quite friendly ( Thank God ).

As stated before the game is very easy to pick up and play and is well suited for a casual gamer, but don't let that fool you into thinking this game is going to just let you grab your biggest boomstick and wave you farewell as you head out to cause genocide. There is much here for the more serious gamer. There is plenty of unlocks to be had as you progress through the ranks of Sanitation Officer to Warmongering God. As you play you gain reputation during matches. This is then tallied up then used to progress your player. Unlocking lots of fabulous goodies from bigger guns to even more massive metal boxes of death. You even have officer briefings to unlock, which are extra abilities that give you buffs to your weapons, engines or even allow you to avoid damage. All equipment & ships have their own individual stats and you can mix and match to find something to suit your play-style.


Graphics-wise the game is amazing and extremely beautiful. Rarely will you see a game with this much detail attention to how your ship  looks. The textures used in game are of high quality with little to no pixelating when up the fights get up close and personal. The particle effects are very high quality yoo and give you a great feel . The maps have been given as much love and attention as the ships. Each map feels unique and offer different strategies to how the battle will play out. From the sniper's dream of the long range offerings of Rings of Saturn to the “White of their Eyes” closeness of the Kappa Base. There are also night variations of certain maps to mix things up a bit. 

Pros & Cons:
  • Beautiful Graphics;
  • Nice Gameplay;
  • Lots of Features;
  • Awesome Details;
  • Nice Community;
  • Gameplay can be very slow and may be boring for some;
  • It's those games you either like or hate;
  • There are some things that need a few touch ups.
To this end I find Dreadnought to be a very enjoyable game and highly recommend it to other players. Whether you are new to this style of game or a seasoned professional gamer, there is definitely something here for you

2P SCORE: 9.5









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