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Nier: Automata, a game that created much excitement and lived up to  this year. It has definitely been one of the most anticipated games that was launched this year. And guess what? It gets better. Square Enix in association with Pokelabo has developed and published the mobile fantasy RPG SinoAlice. With the game coming from the same developers as that of Nier: Automata it it has definitely raised the standards of expectations. But has it been able to live upto it and deliver a game which is a stand out from the others? This article explores the various pros and cons of the newly launched SinoAlice while also exploring the various other features of the game.

Cinderella, Hansel, Gretel and Snow White. All of these are names that we can easily associate ourselves with and SinoAlice basically revolves around the fairy tales set in each of these stories with the aim of resurrecting the author of the stories Players will get to choose one of the famous fairy tale and play the game while engaging in real time combats from players across the globe. The game also features a myriad of weapons to choose from and each weapon has a story to tell, this also means that you will get to play the stories of almost 150 weapons. Let’s take a closer look at certain key features of the game before we move into the pros and cons of SinoAlice.


Quite easily one of the most attractive features in this game is the graphical element involved in it. The characters have been beautifully designed and is very visually appealing to the player. The colourful elements are quite obvious during combat and is extremely fun to watch. In addition to this, the attention to detail given to the weapons is also phenomenal. This is primarily because of the fact that the game has a dedicated story attached to every single weapon that is used, therefore they have paid a great deal of attention to making sure that the weapons look extremely powerful and majestic.

Keiichi Okabe. Does that name ring a bell? The soundtrack to this game has been composed by the same person who had done it for the ever famous Nier:Automata. And by God, the music in this game is just phenomenal and gives you the chills. It has a brilliant soundtrack which is sort of adapted to the situation of the game. The loading pages features a soundtrack which seems to be more nostalgic and poignant. While the background score during combats etc. is one which is sure to get you off your feet. So for all the gamers out there, please don’t play this game without listening to the soundtrack because it would be a total loss. Hats off to the composer for the brilliant job on the sounds.


This is one key aspect on which the developers could have put in a lot more attention. Considering the initial language barrier and the various complexities of the game, it would have been very useful in putting forward an extensive tutorial covering all the aspects of the game. You will have to struggle quite a bit for the first time before you slowly get the hang of the game.

  • The game features a Real Time turn based battle mode which makes it quite fun to play. Players will have to carefully plan out their moves within the given time period and use the special skills at the exact right moments so that they can gain an upper hand over their enemy and win the combat.
  • The weapons system and the total number of weapons which have been made available are yet another powerful addition to the game. With each weapon having a story of its own players can spend a considerable amount of time unlocking these weapons (almost 150) and knowing the secrets behind them.
  • The characters have been beautifully designed and the game surely will help bring a nostalgic effect with its brilliant music and stories which are revolved around fairy tales.
  • The soundtrack which is composed by Keiichi Okabe is definitely going to be one of the main reasons why this game will be successful. It is unique to the style of game and is definite to send chills down your spine.
  • It is extremely difficult to get to the actual game. It is quite natural that every new game which is launched will have some set of drawbacks or the other but in this game, it’s just massive. The servers are almost always busy or overloaded. The servers are then disconnected because of maintenance and this happens quite frequently. Considering you get past these obstacles then the next thing that stands in your way is the ‘loading’ icon which takes forever to disappear. There are almost three to four different loading pages and sometimes the game just gets stuck at this particular page. You will have to restart the game three or four times before it can properly connect to the servers and get past all the loading pages. The game also crashes quite frequently and you will have to go through the entire process again. Hopefully all these issues are resolved soon so that players can have an uninterrupted and quick access to the game.
  • A more detailed tutorial would have helped players understand the mechanisms of the game quite easily. This is also a necessity considering that the game is currently available in Japanese and would take quite some time before it is launched globally.
VERSION 4.4and above. IOS 8.0 and above

If we look past the various issues that are present in the game and hope that they will be rectified soon by the developers the game can be given a rating of 7/10 after taking all the other aspects into consideration (Especially the soundtrack).

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