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What makes an online game interesting? There can be several factors. Some players might enjoy an open world multiplayer gaming environment while others prefer a short and sweet game where players are pitted against each other in an enclosed and obstacle filled environment. Still Alive falls under the latter category where a set of five players from different spheres of the globe are put into a battle field where they have to kill each other in order to win the game. The game is simple and extremely fun to play once you get a good hang of the combat system and controls that have been used in the game. The game is still not released officially and is available only in select countries. In addition to this, out of the two game modes which are available one is still not accessible by players. This article will give you a small peek into what the game comprises of and whether it is one worth playing.  


Still Alive is a new action based online multiplayer game which has been launched for Android devices by the developers Funter. Still alive is a third person game where five players are made to battle it out against each other in order to win. The genre of the game is definitely not new, but the way it has been created does give it a whole new gaming experience. The five players will have to fight it out against each other over a period of ten minutes. Yes, ten minutes, that’s a really long time for an arena based battle. But if you get good at the controls and have challenging opponents the game will definitely become very interesting and ten minutes will not seem like a very long time. But such is not the case during the initial first couple of rounds. Players will tend to get bored of the game as there is a good chance that they will find the combat system and controls annoying, despite all this, the game has a lot of potential to become a highly successful game considering all the other interesting aspects of it.

 Players can choose from across three characters and will have to craft weapons of their choice for their character. Once in the combat, players will have a time period of ten minutes to get as many kills as possible. A player will respawn if gets killed. Therefore, the winner of the round is determined by the number of enemies that he has killed and the number of times he has respawned.


The game is a treat to the eyes. The characters and the gaming environment look extremely colourful and realistic. Hats off to the developers for making such good graphics. This aspect does definitely make the game more interesting and would become one of the primary reasons for its success. The characters do look extremely good and the weapons that they are equipped with does show the mean character of it. Another noteworthy point is that the developers have not made one better at the cost of another. Despite focusing a lot of attention to detail on the characters they have not compromised on any aspects with regard to the gaming environment. Meticulous attention to detail has been observed in ensuring that the environment poses all the challenges and all the objects and opponents can be seen moving around.

There is no tutorial which is offered in Still Alive. This is probably because the game does not really require any. It’s just five players in a closed arena fighting with each other for a time period of ten minutes. That’s about it.

The control system in the game is definitely worth mentioning. It features a simple floating joystick on the left hand side of the screen which is used to control the movement of your character. Towards the right side you have designated buttons for each skill that you use. If you need to sprint, there is a button placed on the right hand side. Your directions control while you sprint are not covered by the floating joystick on the left but it can be controlled directly by adjusting the direction on the sprint button. The combat system features a lot of options which are scattered across the bottom of the screen. Each special move has a loading time once it has been used by the player. An interesting aspect of the game is that players will have to keep moving. This ensures that other players will be able to keep an eye on you and plan out their next move. The same strategy can be used by the player also.
The game tries to make the players challenge themselves. In order to this, they have not included an auto aim option. Players will have to personally pin point their targets on the screen and fire. The game becomes even more challenging as the same skill cannot be used more than once in quick successions. However, a drawback to this feature is that the new players will take quite some time to get themselves adjusted to the game. But once they do, the game is sure to be a lot of fun.

There are three different characters which have been provided in the game. All players are given the same options. The distinctive aspect here is that each player has their own unique weapons. In addition to this, players will have to craft the weapons of their choice for the character that they choose. Each character in the game has a set of weapons and shields and gadgets that they can use. This ensures that the game becomes more difficult to play. You can even change the character you are playing with in order to get rid of the monotony. However, if you start over with a new character there is a good chance you’ll lose the first couple of rounds as it will take some time to get adjusted to the gaming style and weapons of that particular character.

Specification Android
Version Android 4.1 and above
Storage Less than 100 MB
Still Alive is a very promising and fun filled game. It therefore is worthy of being given a rating of 8/10.









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