Netease Games Presented 32 Games at the May 20th Conference





Netease Games’ annual May-20 conference kicked off today in China, and the biggest game developer in China presented 32 games including 13 new games that represent the company’s direction in the market in the next few years. All names of the games below are official English names.
Identity 5
Netease’s first ever asymmetrical battle arena game with thrilling adventure. An anonymous invitation letter points to a deserted manor. With disordered clues and unacknowledged deductions, the murderer is far from exposure. In Victorian Era, a gothic suspenseful horror is on stage. Soaked into the puzzle, you are going to experience re-enactments and explore possibilities between life and death. As a brave detective you are going to find a way out of the information fog and survive yourself from the conspiracy.

Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur
An orthodox Japanese mobile game and the third installment in the Million Arthur series, developed jointly by Netease and Square Enix. With a celluloid-stlye CG animation, the game continues to unfold a whole new world of Britain like never before to its legion of fans.
A multiplayer online casual game in which you can control an aircraft to shoot and hide. There are various aircrafts and bullets with lovely looks, incredible props, and exciting co-op fights. The game is designed for all players like students, office staff, and housewives, etc. To play in a relaxing atmosphere.

Legend of Three Kingdoms
A next-gen turn-based fantasy MMO from the developers of Fantasy Westward Journey. With brand-new turn-based gameplay, full-scale battlefields and ample cavalry combat experience, the game has received huge investment and will provide high quality 3D visuals, aiming to bring players a romantic and glorious Three Kingdoms experience.

The War
The game takes place in Warring States Period in ancient China. You can explore the cinematic world, grow into a true hero, and master the art of war. You can be a king, ruling your kingdom

Xuanyuan Sword of Netease
Based on 2 classic IP, Xuanyuan Sword 3 of Netease and Scar of the Sky from Softstar Entertaninment, Xuanyuan Sword of Netease attempts to probe into the culture of prosperous Tang Dynasty and explore the traditional mythology, and ultimately, represent Chinese classics with ingenuity.

Forever 7
A role-playing mobile game about urban legends. There game has real-time heroes battle, coupled with classic multiple-storyline element and Japanese style scenes and characters.  

Index Official Mobile Game
Authorized and supervised by Kadokawa, it’s a 3D ACG Japanese style RPG aims to provide brand-new ACGN gaming experience. The original novel and CV group’s characters are perfectly presented. The Academy City will be there for players to explore.  

A stylish basketball game focuses on 3v3 match. The game features American street style of characters and environments, and it’s for free-spirited trendsetters of all ages. You will need some tactics to win the game.

Hatsune Miku: Roller Skating Music
A licensed casual mobile music game where you can play single-player casual mode or compete iconic characters. The game has a dressing room system.

The next flagship Wuxia game from Netease. The game that has been hyped in China for a while has just revealed the first closed beta date. You can learn more about the game here: NetEase Flagship MMORPG Justice to Kick Off First Beta on July 21

Below are several new screenshots of the Hanzhou City in the game.

Novoland - Storm of Prophecy and Tribes Empire
Adapted from the TV series of the name and tells an eastern fantasy story takes place in the Novoland. Based on 2 core ideas: restoring the world of Novoland and co-creating the world with players. There are 6 races and 9 continents in the game.

War Rage
The sandbox war game is expanding the scale by adding western army and generals. In development for 5 years, War Rage is a strategic product for Netease in 2016-2017, and the game recreates vast medieval civilizations for players to conquer, by allowing you to control a general and the army simultaneously to experience thrilling action and tactical moves at the same time.










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