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League of Angels - Paradise Land is a new mobile card game from GTarcade and it has recently opened up its pre-registration. Belonging to the genre of a turn based RPG the game does seem to be promising especially after the phenomenal success of League of Angels 1. This review focuses upon some key aspects of the game which make the game distinguishable from the others within the same genre. Here’s a quick look at the trailer that was released by the producers.

Set in the world of Elysium, League of Angels takes you through the journey of a clash between humans, Elves and Orcs while the rule of the Angels stand toppled. The game is a unique turn based RPG set up in beautiful gaming environments designed in such a manner that it will keep you entertained for quite some time. Being a turn based RPG, the game fares really well and offers a spectacular gaming experience. One of the main highlights of the game is the various game modes in which it can be played. Considering the fact that previous games such as league of Angels 2 and legacy of Discord were top grossing mobile games, it is highly likely that the same result could be repeated here. And the reasons for this? Let’s have a look at it.

Simple and beautiful. That is how the graphics of this game has been designed. The fact that the game doesn’t offer high end graphics which require a player to have a fast processor or one with a lot of RAM is going to be one of the reasons why it’s going to be successful. Considering the fact that the graphics are kept at the bare essential level it will ensure that a lot of people will be easily able to access the game.

The game offers a beautiful gaming environment in which players can immerse themselves. Vibrant colours, beautiful characters and smooth attack and defence gestures all add up to the fact that the game has been well designed.  Though it would’ve been much better if the developers could’ve focused a bit more on the appearance of the characters during combat. It doesn’t quite live up to the expectation as to the pictorial representation given in the character selection. This is one key area where the game could’ve been made better with respect to the appearance. This however does not affect the gameplay in any manner whatsoever. It is perhaps the simplicity of the game that makes it quite enjoyable.

The control mechanism in this game is quite elementary. All the players have to do is choose the character they need to attack with and apply the special power that they so desire to. Since the game is a turn based RPG players need not worry about factors like camera adjustment, control joysticks or combination attack in order to enjoy the game. In fact, there is also an auto play option where players simply have to choose the skill attack that they want their character to do, all the rest would be taken care of by the operating system present in your phone.

The tutorial in League of Angels - Paradise Land offers a standard understanding of the game. It guides you through various aspects of the game such as level building, combat etc.  In addition to this, it helps you master the skills required in order to upgrade your characters weapons so that they can offer more hit points while engaged in combat. There is a recruitment option available in the game which will help you gain access to characters. The tutorial will guide you through the process of how to gain access to these characters.

This is perhaps one of the most key aspects of the games. It helps break the monotony of a single type of game by breaking into different game modes. League of Angels essentially offers the players three different game modes:

1) Adventure- A story mode which takes you through the magical journey of Elysium by helping unlock various types of characters. Once you begin the game you will be allowed to continue only through the adventure mode until you reach level 10. It isn’t too difficult a task to reach level 10 as this can happen easily within 3 or 4 games.

2) Arena- This is another mode that has been made available in the game. However, this mode is unlocked until a player reaches level 11. Once the minimum requirement is met then the players can challenge the opponents before them to continuously raise their ranks and prove that they are the best in the arena. The higher rank a player can get the more coins he will be able to earn and at the same time will also be able to earn more rewards.

3) Guild- you can unlock the guild after you reach level 18 in the game. Once this is done players can join any guild or create one with friends. Guild wars can be extremely fun to play and players can earn a lot of money and rewards through them.

An extensive list of characters is offered in league of Angels. The characters which are available are divided into four classes:
1) Attack.
2) Defence
3) Support
4) Control

The ‘Attack’ class consists of the highest number of characters which are equipped with weapons primarily meant for the purpose of inflicting severe damage on the opponents. The ‘Defence’ class consists of fewer characters in order to protect the team as a whole by offering a solid defence against the opponent’s attacks.  The ‘Support’ and ‘Control’ class characters are the least in number but yet they offer an immense amount of hit points.

One of the most interesting features of this game is the ability to create a well-equipped and balanced team in order to have a higher success rate while engaging in combats. A player can compose a team which can have a maximum of up to five characters. An ideal composition of the team would be in having one player from each class. This will ensure that there is the perfect balance of attacking and defence in the team. However, each player will have a different approach towards the way they play a game, therefore the developers have given the choice of constructing the team in the manner players so desire. So if players wish to have a team which is more in favour of having a full strike attacking element they can create it that way. The only setback to this is that a player can deploy all five characters only after they reach level 10. Until then they are restricted to only 3 characters.

VERSION 5.1 and above. 9 and above.
Considering the overall aspects of the game and the various types of game modes present the game can be given a rating of 7.7/10.

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