Destiny - Age of Triumph: The Final Task

With the updated raids now here, we now have all 4 raids to complete once more and one final record book to complete and it’s by far the hardest one. This could very well be the final task for Destiny, and those of you like me who have stuck with it since Beta I thank you. For those of you who came in during Year 1 thank you. For those of you who joined in Year 2 or are just joining us in Year 3, this a great opportunity to see what you you missed in Years 1 and 2. Let’s take a look at what this final task has to offer.

We got the old logo back!!

First I want to address the new stuff that Age of Triumph has given us. Let’s start off with the Daily Challenges. Obviously there is one for Crucible and one for Vanguard, however this time it’s different. For the Crucible you need 3 games instead two to reach all of the rewards which consists of the Treasure of Ages (Similar to Treasures of the Dawning) which gives you loot from the previous Treasure Boxes (Sterling Treasures, Radiant Treasures, Treasures of the Dawning), as well as 20 Legendary Marks. As for Vanguard, you have to play 5 games in order to receive all rewards.

Das a lot of loot.

Strikes and the Nightfall are no different as they were before however there are two new things to do in order to get more loot. There are now weekly Challenge of the Elders for that beautiful loot. Not only that but there are now weekly raids added to the challenges. How many Challenges can they add to Destiny give us….how about an entire book!

13 Pages? Jesus Christ.

This is by far the longest book we have had within Destiny (I bet a good number of you haven’t finished it yet.) with some of the hardest challenges yet. For each page we complete we get a emblem corresponding to that page. If we complete the book we get a special reward for when Destiny 2 comes out. I am not going to list every single challenge that is the book because that would take a while, so let’s just say it’s a lot. It’s going to test your skill as a Destiny player, so get cracking on those books!!

This should be fun.

Finally we leave the best for last, the raids. You might be asking why are we talking about the raids? Well they have been raised to 390/400 light level so they are a lot harder. Bungie has also patched all possible cheese spots so now you really have to communicate with your team. In addition to raising the light level of the raids themselves, the light level of the loot has also been raised. However unlike the first time you played the raids, the loot system is very different.

Time to find some friends to do it with.

Yes the loot system is pretty different. Not wildly different but different enough to mention it. For one thing there are two types of drops for raid primary weapons now. It’s split between Legendary which have no elemental burn and exotics which do have elemental burn. The only way to get the Exotic Versions of each of the primary weapons is to do the raid challenges and 9 times out of 10 you will most likely get the exotic versions of weapons, mind you some of the challenges like preventing The Templar from Vault of Glass from teleporting are very difficult, so you really have to work with your team. However it is very much worth the effort. As for armor, there’s nothing special you have to do, just go along with the raid and you get bits and pieces of the armor. The armor like most armor recently comes with an ornament with two options for how you want it to look and you get the ornaments by doing the raid, doing challenges or getting them in loot chests. The older raids such as Vault of Glass and Crota’s End now also feature Ghost Shells for those raids.

I was lucky enough to get Vision of Confluence!!!

Overall I believe this is what Destiny should have been from the very beginning but what happened, happened and we should enjoy this one final task for Destiny. What do you guys think? Do you think this is a fitting final task? Is this what Destiny should have been from the start? Or do you just not care and have given up on Destiny. Or have do you have hope on what Destiny 2 will be like and have finished the tasks in the book? Leave your comments down below and thank for reading this short little article!

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