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Final Fantasy franchise has ruled the entertainment industry for decades together. A game that made its debut in the month of December, 1987 and still continues to be a piece of work so close to a gamer’s heart. There have not been many games that have come close to challenging the very position that franchise has set up. Over the years, the developers of the game have extended its presence across various platforms. And year after year, they have only made it better. And now they seek to expand their territory into the mobile world. But have they made the game with such perfection that it rivals the existing market leaders in the mobile gaming platform? Here is a quick look into the various aspects of the game. Have a look at it before you start playing.


When Final Fantasy XV released for the Play Station it was just truly remarkable. With mind blowing graphics, exhilarating gameplay and phenomenal characters, the game was quickly accepted by millions across the world. Now, they have decided to shrink the whole game to a size that fits well within the palm of your hands. But the game will be based on a completely different style as we have seen in the play station version. Final Fantasy XV: A new Empire has been soft launched recently. The game is available presently in New Zealand and if you’re residing in that country then it should be easily accessible through the play store.


So when we talk about final fantasy being released on the mobile platform on a completely different method of gameplay we naturally tend to ask what the game is about and how it is different from all the other games in the franchise and how well it does against the games which are presently leading the mobile gaming platform. Final Fantasy XV: A new Empire, as the title suggests, is all about building your own Empire from the rock bottom. The game requires you to start off with an empire in the open world game where millions of other players like you would be doing the same. This means that you have to compete and collaborate among different empires set up by different players in real life in order to create the biggest and most powerful ruling empire.


When it comes to graphics, you have better options. But hey, it’s a game which has the title ‘Final Fantasy’, you simply don’t let the small things bother you when you see that. This doesn’t however mean that the game is poor in visual representation. It is in fact quite satisfying to watch the game progress. However, there is not much of movements or actions that you get to see because of the way the game has been designed. But, the little that is there, has been done in a beautiful manner. With realistic looking buildings and a plush green environment to set up your Empire, the game offers quite a decent visual treat to the eyes.


The most important, most time consuming and also perhaps the most boring aspect of this game. The game has a lot of things that need to be covered, because at the beginning you probably won’t have an idea as to where to start and this where the tutorial can be really helpful. But what becomes a buzzkill is the fact it spends a considerable amount of time taking you through the same thing over and over again. Not only this, but the tutorial cannot be skipped. For example, it guides you on how to set up a farm or a mine and you will immediately get an idea as to how to do it. But it spends a lot of time by making you go through the monotonous task of having to upgrade your farm to level 5. So even though it is essentially the same method that has to be followed, the tutorial just makes sure you don’t make any mistakes later on while trying to do a simple task. However, it does ensure that every crucial aspect of the game is covered before the player actually steps into the real time gaming environment.


Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the game. The characters are just what makes this game special and helps bring a feeling of nostalgia. Final fantasy: New Empire brings all the favourite characters that were offered by the original game. This means that the hero of your game can be Noctis, Cindy, Gladiolus, Ignis, Prompto etc. However, when the game kicks off, your hero by default is set to be Noctis and you can change this later on. Each character can acquire a set of special skills and weapons which will be made available after reaching a particular level or by earning it through treasures.


This is what constitutes the heart and soul of the game. You cannot exist in isolation. And this game ensures that your empire survival depends on your interaction with the other players and how you trade off with them. The game has been constructed in such a manner that you can either creates allies within the game or create enemies. It allows you to scout neighbouring empires depending on which you launch a full-fledged attack or take any other course of action. In addition to this, you can either create or join a guild of your own, doing so would entitle you to get free gold or receive gifts from guild members. A specific Guild store has been created which can be accessed only if you are a member of a guild.


Considering the franchise and the style of gaming that has been offered, a rating of 7.5/10 can be given to the game.









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