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The Torchlight series had created quite the buzz when the game had launched. Offering a diablo like experience the game was soon popular among its fans. This exhilarating experience was only made better when Torchlight II was released on the PC. It took gamers by a storm, with impressive gaming, quality graphics and a fun to play game, it soon became a favourite amongst gamers.  The franchise has just brought up another new game, and this time they have decided to expand their game into the mobile devices. Torchlight Mobile is the game that is being set to be launched on the android devices. Will the game live up to the expectations and standards that have been set by its predecessors?  This article aims to answer this very question. By exploring all the possible angles of the games and to determine whether, at the end of the day, it offers a good diablo like gaming experience.


Torchlight mobile drew a lot of attention when the game was initially announced last year. The PC version of the game was one which set some good standards in competing with the benchmark game, which is Diablo 3. The mobile version of the game offers a lot of interesting features and is quite entertaining. But there are certain aspects of the game which are not quite upto the mark even though the developers have tried to make the mobile version a faithfully similar one like the PC. Let’s look at some key aspects of the game and also at certain areas which could have been better.


Let’s start with the graphics. To be honest, it doesn’t utilize high end graphics or powerfully designed environments. But there is a level of simplicity attached to it. The graphics don’t quite challenge the games that are present in the market right now. Especially for a game of Torchlight, with its mammoth benchmarks, the developers would have done well to render the graphic quality a bit better. As of now, the graphics don’t seem to go much far in order to compete with games like Dynasty Warrior or Lineage II. Of course, it would be unfair to compare these games in their entirety as each offers a completely different style of play. However, the comparison has been made just to point out the development that has been observed in terms of mobile graphics and the same has not been utilised to its fullest potential by the developers of the game.
However, since the graphics are quite simple, it offers a smooth gameplay. This means that you don’t really need to have a high end smartphone with a lot of RAM or a powerful processor to play the game. It must be admitted that there are certain aspects of the game which are quite colourful and entertaining. Even though there has not been a lot of attention to detail with regard to the characters or the environment, the simplicity of the graphics can be overlooked by virtue of the other interesting aspects of the game.


The controls are one of the best elegant features of the game. It is smooth, dynamic and adaptive. Unlike most games, Torchlight mobile does not sport a fixed controlling joystick at the left hand bottom side of the screen. It features a floatable joystick which can be accessed and used at any part of the screen. This can means you can use either of your hands to control the movements of your character. However, this does not in any way affect the combating elements of the game.  The game is quite responsive to the touch and does not create any sort of hassles or mix up with the combat buttons. The attacking options are placed towards the right hand side of the screen. It becomes quite easy for the players to use both hands in order to play the game.  The controls are really smooth and very responsive and does in all manner bring a lot of fun into the game.


The game has not yet been released officially and therefore, the language barrier definitely exists. This can however, be easily overcome thanks to the tutorial that has been provided by the game. The tutorial literally guides you through every aspect of the game. From movements, teaming up with other players in order to enter combat, upgrading weapons and characters to teaching you how to combat. It covers it all. One of the interesting aspects of the game is that there is a designated practise arena which has been set up within the game where the players can improve upon their accuracy and hit points through training. The tutorial does a good job here as it guides the players through it effortlessly.


There are quite a few characters which are included in torchlight mobile. However, almost every other character looks the same. There are four different playable classes that the players can choose from. The fourth class, which is reportedly something which is similar to a Mage is locked as of now in the game and may be made available later on. And within the said class, a player can choose between six characters. Each character has its own weakness and strengths. There are not a lot of options given with regard to upgrading the characters. In fact, when you choose a player from a particular class the maximum you get to play around with is with regard to choosing a different coloured hairstyle.
Each character has four core skills coupled with an option to combine it in as many 36 different ways, this is quite an impressive feature of the game which should be used to the maximum effectiveness by the players.


The game offers a rich multiplayer experience. It offers several gaming modes which can be used so that a player can experience the game entirely. The game offers a MOBA (Multiplayer online battle Arena) where two or more players can battle it out individually or as a group. This is quite fun to do as the combat is extremely aggressive and entertaining. A PvP option is also included where the players can battle it out one on one against other players in an Arena. In addition to this, the game allows for smooth interaction between other players using the game. Players can involve themselves in trade with other players with regards to their loots and money etc.


The game is quite interesting to play. It has several multiplayer battle modes but also features an open world gaming. The players will essentially have to explore dungeons, defeat monster, fight the boss at each level and collect the loot that you get from each dungeon etc. The loot money can be used for several purposes by the player.

The game also features an autoplay mode where a simple tap on the map will take you to your destination and help you fight monsters. Players can also team up with others so that they can effectively clear the dungeons and collect and share the loot.


The game does offer a decent diablo like experience. But with the benchmark being set up various other games with respect to graphics and soundtrack, it falls behind. However, we must consider the various attractive features of the game. Thus, it is suitable to give the game a rating of 7.5/10/.
VERSION 5.1 and above.
STORAGE Less than 1 GB









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