5 VR Games That Can Help You Burn Your Fat





Virtual Reality games have created a new obsession amongst gamers globally. By making players feel the game it has taken the world by storm. And in recent years, we have seen substantial developments in gaming. Developers have started creating games with so much graphics involved that sometimes it becomes impossible to determine whether it’s being played in a real life environment or a simulated one. VR games are also progressing on the same front, creating such games which ensure that you are completely taken into a different world. Here’s a list of VR games which require so much player participation that it literally burns the fat in your body. Talk about games to motivate the lazy people to work out.

Coming in 2017

We all enjoy sports but quite often lack the motivation to go out and actually play. Sparc is a new VR game developed by CCP which brings these sports games to you. Sparc is a full body virtual reality game which is going to be made available for the Oculus Rift, HTC vive and Playstation VR. Sparc is the first of a kind VR game which uses such an interesting new feature.

In this game the players essentially play use the motion controllers to hurl projectiles at each other in a simulated environment. Sounds quite simple? It isn’t. Players will be pitched against each other and will have to play just like they would in real life. Hurl projectiles predicting the movement of the other, dodging and throwing in quick succession etc. They can also block or deflect incoming attacks.
In order to make the game more lifelike, players can queue up for the next match and wait for the game to start. While waiting so they can sit in the courtside and enjoy the current game that is going on. This is quite a remarkable thing that is being done to enrich the gaming experience.

The release of this game is expected to take place later this year. This is one sports game that is going to be worth looking forward to.

Here’s a quick look at the gameplay to have a quick peek into what’s in store for us.

Coming in 2017

Airtone is an upcoming rhythm action VR proposed to be launched in spring 2017. The game is set to be compatible for the High End VR Equipment like Oculus Rift and HTC vive. There has however been no official confirmation whether the game will be available for the PlayStation VR yet.
The Japanese game is being developed by Historia Co. Ltd and will provide an enriching musical gaming experience. One of the key highlights of the game is that it features an Unreal engine. The gameplay features creating musical keytones and rhythms to achieve combination points etc.

Download it at Steam

Fight it out gladiator style in this crazy virtual reality game called Sword Master. This is a game which will pitch you up against intense sword battles in the gaming world. It is quite easily one of the most entertaining and sweat breaking virtual reality games that are currently available.  The game has been launched for the Oculus rift and the HTC vive. However, there are certain basic requirements which you will need in order to extract the best experience from the game.

Since the game features a full body VR game with a 360 degree view it is almost necessary that you have a living room or a suitable room with enough space to play the game. Highly recommended that you play in an empty room as this will possibly reduce the risk of knocking down things while engaging in battles. The developers recommend having a room with a dimensions of at least 2.5m x 2.5m play space.

There are certain attractive elements to the game such as various unlockable swords, different enemy variations and four difficulty levels. The developers have tried to make the game as realistic as possible, this means that while engaging in battles you will have to shift your weight accordingly to deliver powerful blows and block and dodge oncoming attacks. The game has already been launched so give it a try as it’s sure to get you off your feet.

Download it at Steam

Sportsbar VR is an entertaining game set in locations styled like a pub. This means as a player you get to play all those games which are available in sports bar such as snooker, darts, chess etc. Sports Bar VR has been developed and published by Cherry Pop Games, Perilous orbit and was made available during mid 2016The game features both single player and multiplayer modes. So you can easily play a game of snooker with your friends and have tons of fun.

The graphics that have been created are so lifelike that when you actually lean in to take a shot over the pool table there is good chance that you might fall. Because, well, there isn’t really a table in reality in the first place. The game also features several playing modes such as:
1) Single player
2) Multiplayer
3) Online Multiplayer
4) Online Co-op.

The game is made available for the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. In order to play this game it is recommended that you have ample room space so not to fall over any objects.
The game offers several customizations. These customizations can be made with regard to your avatar, the cue, controllers and even the table. In addition to this you can play against up to 6 players in the online mode.

Download it at Steam

Golf Club VR is a simulation sports game which has been developed and published by HB Studios for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The game requires a play area with a 360 degree tracking so as to make the most of it.

Golf club VR is perhaps the best golf game that is available in the market right now. It brings an extremely realistic experience along with it, enabling players to choose the course of their choice. The game boasts a library of over 130,000 courses to choose from. This means you get to expand your Golfing experience for over 250,000 square kilometres. The game come with a lot of attractions such as choosing and affiliating yourself to a golf club and playing for them, customizing your golf bag etc.
An in depth tutorial has also been provided in order to get the players familiarized with the game. The tutorial essentially guides from the basics of learning how to swing your bat to exploring the environment that has been created. However, the game will be playable only in the single player mode.  Golf Club VR was officially launched in February 2017. So this is definitely one of those VR games which is a must play for the very interactive gameplay and VR experience.










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